who will start friday??

will ranek be back.. or holmes take the thrown?

will echols.. pray to the lord he does.. start again.. because he definatley cost us the game.. sure he made one nice play.. and well.. that was it!

somthing better happend with out oline.. and holmes should be our rb..

(ps sorry if what i write isnt making much sense, its my meds lol)

If you weren't in last weeks highlight film..you're outta there! :thdn:

Echols played a good first start. The Als were targeting him on almost every play. He is the rookie and they were always looking for the favorable matchup, like a good team always will. Sure he bit on the Edwards TD, but on the Anderson TD he was left to dry by a lousy DB/Safety blitz that was telgraphed, picked up and exploited by big league pros. All things considered, he played a very good game, and hopefully will learn from his rookie mistakes.

ranek breaks out.
flick breaks out.
echols starts - patience, he's barely played a full game.

haha they released echols

Not sure of the starting lineup: it's "Kids Run the Ticats Day", so we're not yet certain who the kids will start...