Who will start for the Ti-Cats tomorrow?

Will it be Chang or Printers? Printers will only have one day of practice and two days with the playbooks. Thoughts?

More than likely it will be Chang.. you cant throw printers in there with only two days of practice. He will need another week to learn the plays and be disgusted by the OC's playbook.

True. But what if Chang bombs like last week? Who is backing up Chang?


Has Richie Williams even played a full game? His profile shows that he completed 17 of 32 pass attempts for 241 yard, 2 TDs, and 55 yards on 4 carries. Was that in one game last year?

I would suspect that Williams will back up for this week- to give Printers time to learn the offence. If the Cats were smart that is what they would be doing with Casey- let him learn the terminology and plays, so he doesnt look foolish or lose confidence if the Cats get blown out on Sunday.

Chang has a tall order to fill. I wouldn't be surprised to see Williams play as well as Saturday's game will probably be a write off for the Tabbies. I'm guessing the Argos will trounce them.

i would start williams, since the argos dont have much film on him , and allow williams to call his own plays, make audbiles use some tweaks in the offense.

Sounds risky. But you never know. Chang looked overwhelmed last week.

williams is a the third string QB, and has nothing to lose, so he might be mroe comfortable starting, also its a road game so there will be less pressure to succeed since everyone in the building is against them.

As an Argos fan, you know who I will be cheering for. But I hate blowouts!

Chang then Williams. I wouldn’t throw Casey to the wolves yet. You cant learn a play book or know your receivers that quickly.

Timmy Chang will be starting? And the backup is a guy with even less experience?

The Argos will have this game won by the end of the first quarter.

Unless Lumsden is in the lineup. I wonder if the Tabbies could keep it close based soley on a running game?

Wasn't it already announced that Chang would start? He's the starter, Williams is the back-up. As everyone has said already, Printers can't learn an entire playbook in just a couple of days. No one is expecting Hamilton to make this incredible comeback now that Printers is in town. This season is pretty much over for them. Printers is a long term solution.

Good luck to the Hapless Tabbies!

Chang's performance has been eerily similar to Mike McMahon in Toronto. In their first start, both looked pretty lost out there. Then they were forced to start the next game. Gulp... :expressionless:

McMahon was no better in the two series he played in his second start and was pulled, and hasn't played since. Will T. Chang suffer the same fate? Or will he morph into a confident passing machine this time??

But look out! Get your popcorn! Bombs over Bagdadh!! There's a new gunslinger in steel town!! :rockin: