Who would you start if you were the coaches for BC and Edmonton and why would you start them?

  1. BC - Start Printers - bring in Dickenson if he is faltering.
  • Printers is more of a threat. Tell Casey to be patient and not go for the bombs all the time. Take what the defence gives you!!
  1. Edmonton- Start Maas. Let Ray brush his eyebrows and hold the clipboard. Use the run with Davis to open up the passing game.

Prediction= Edmonton will win.
CFL Rules
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!

I think that's what will happen.

And I'm not entirely convinced that Printers really knows what the hell he's doing - he runs around like a maniac and scores points on broken plays, but I think defenses have figured out those habits.

Anyways, it should be another great game. Edmonton and BC always play great against each other.

From first glance, Edmonton should definitely start Maas: the hot hand. But then again, I think that Ray should start so that if he does falter, Maas can go in a lot calmer and focussed. I really don't think he has the right 'feel' to start the game and begin to read and recognize the Leos D right away (which personally I hope neither Esk can do such a thing). Maas will be better in 3rd quarter relief. Use 32 as a blocker (because, boy can he!) then spring him on a screen or two.

For BC, start Printers, have him run off all his nervous energy (Casey, Casey, do you not see Antonio running open 5 yards in front of you crossing on the flat? He's the one with 34 on his chest AND WEARING THE SAME JERSEY AS YOU!!! Stop looking downfield at Geroy all the time, he's getting all bashful!!!) Then get Dickenson in relief should Printers falter. But don't flip flop! Yes, Wally, let Dave get punished! He doesn't know any other style to play! And he likes it! Poor guy.

If Leo's D Line gets in Ray's/Maas' face: BC wins

If Printers throws his cell at Dickenson, gives Dave another concussion, then points to the guy next to him: Edmonton wins.
or If Edmonton's secondary has a big day: Edmonton wins

Oversimplified, yet complicated, no? Love the two QB questions!

BC: Printers, DD is injury pron but it makes no difference since but are rusty and fighting each other like kids that BC will lose.

Edmonton: Maas, Ray is SO done, and Edmonton will make another trip to the GC.

In BC , Wally has already stated he's not going to play games with his QB's anymore . One will be named the starter, probably today , and that's who BC's going with . I'm betting it will be DD , that's who I'd choose anyway.
KK, you don't know what you're talking about. The 2 aren't fighting and DD got a concussion trying to make a tackle when he got knee to the head from a D-lineman . A whole lot of people would have been concussed doing that too, that doesn't make him injury-prone. The other game he missed was back spasms, that had nothing to with being injured . Other than that he's bounced back up from every hit he's taken this year . His knee got injured LAST year , it's been a non-factor this year.
Dave's the better of our two QB's right now so that's who should start.

As for Edmonton , I think they should start Maas of course . I'd say he won the starters job fair and square . But I hope they give it to Ray so they can play average again and lose.

Two Dr. Jekyl & Hyde teams meet in the West.

WHich ones will show up?

Tough call for BC, but I'd start Dickenson. If they're both healthy, Dickenson has been better by far this season, and the team will be much more confident with him at the helm. If Dickenson starts, they will pick Edmonton apart like they did to everyone early in the season.

Edmonton should be a no brainer. Ray has been terrible the last couple weeks, and Maas has been the best QB in the league. If they start Ray again, not only do they start the lesser of the two, but they also damage the team's confidence by not starting the guy that single handedly lifted them out of the grave the previous week.

It'll be close I think, unless Ray starts.. in which case BC will clean up. If it's Dickenson vs. Maas... then it's tough to say. I'd still call it for BC. I think when it's all on the line you'll see BC pick it up and return to the form that got them 11 wins in a row.. also coaching here is no contest.. Wally's experience vs. Macciocca's.... what does Macciocca have going for him anyway? That cool Sylvester the cat accent?
"Thufferin Thucketash! I won't be coach for long!"

I'd start Dickenson for BC. Printers had his chance and couldn't come away with a win this season.

I'd start Mass. He looks so much better then Ray.

[quote="High_Five"] Printers had his chance and couldn't come away with a win this season.
Printers did so have a win this season , 41-1, vs the Bombers . He also started one Sask game that the Lions won , although it was Buck Pierce that did the winning part in that one. Printers did look real good in a very close one vs the Als . I believe he put up 44 points in that game , it was the D that let down in that game with Als scoring a last play TD. In that game Printers performance couldn't be faulted. Having said that , I would still start DD, as i think he's still the betterQB at this point.

Mmm. Brutal. Now Wally says that he'll wait till tomorrow to say who he'll start Vs. the Eskies. Word is, now that Edmonton has a 'QB controvery,' Buono's going to wait till Machioca says who'll start for the Esks. :roll: Looks like the coaches are playing you show me yours and I'll show you mine. But most likely he says he'd like to see a veteran matchup. What?

Cue the music: Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNN....... Oooooooooh, mysterious...

Something you want to figure out but you don't know how? Mysterious
You move mysterious
You look mysterious
You are mysterious
So mysterious


Well we got one answer here. Dave Dickenson will start for the Leos.

Ohhhhh… I get it Wally… you said veteran matchup and by that you meant: Ol’ Turf Eater… you sneaky pillow sniffer, you’re so cryptic!
Better have those blocking schemes in order (and in plain English our Hoggies are getting a little grey in the beard, ya know?), I’d hate to see Dave get creamed and pureed back there… again… and again… oh the humanity.

Mmm. Sorry, Casey I thought you were it. And yes, you can bring your cell.

BC should start Dickenson because Edmonton has the best defensive backs squad in the league. By going too long all the time, Printers will get picked. When working against such DBs, you need a cold-headed surgeon. That's what Dickenson is.

In Edmonton, they should start Maas because of the excellent outing he had on the previous game. As a coach, you don't want to reward failure over success. But Maas must know Ray will hit the field if he screws up. What's good for the dog is also good for the cat.

yeah I would have to go with Dickenson................I find that Printers has looked unsteady out there............he has happy feet and seem to take off all the time when instead of staying put taking a hit to find a receiver..........as for Edmonton..............you almost have to go with your regular season qb...............gotta dance with the girl who brought ya

...murmurs out of Edm....Ricky gets to start....and after he bombs again...in comes the new Ti-Cat qb. Maas.....

TSN is reporting that Ray will start (wrong choice in my opinion) and of course dickenson will start for BC.

Everyone say that DD should start because he was the one who got them there this season. True at 11-1 but didn't Printers get us there last season and DD still started the Grey Cup. Maybe Buono should do the same this season. It's just an observation to what the experts say. I could care less who starts for the Lions as long as they win. As proven last week in the West SEmi, if DD falters, the Lions have a capable backup to change the direction of the game.

In Edmonton, Ray should start since he has all season but Maas can take over at anytime as well, as proven last week. Should be a good game, with 4 capable QBs present in the West Final

Would be interesting if both teams happened to make QB changes at the half. 1st half - DD vs Ray
2nd half - Printers vs Maas.

It seems to me that I read somewhere that the winner of the Cal/Edm game wil determine who will start for BC. I dont remember if Wally said Printers against Cal DD against Edm or the other way around.

I would start DD an Mass

I'd start Maas but i think DM is being stupid and starting Ray. He said he won't announce it until gameday though... so I guess we'll all have to wait to see who starts for the esks.