Who Will Shine?

who do u all think will be the bright spots on our cats team from our team in 07 to this years 07 season?

first for Defence id say, Tay Cody, Anthony Collier, Amd Tad Kornegay, Tad has matured every year he's spent here and i feel this year he breaks out.

Offence-- i cant say any receivers because really the only starting receiver we have coming back really is like Ralph, and Flemoing so my best bet would be taking Jesse Lumsden, he will run for like a record 2,000 yards!! haha jk but over 1,000 for sure

On Offence - Corey Holmes and Jesse Lumsden

I think that if we are gonna win games this year first we have to establish a good running game to open up the passing game and who better to do that than Lumsden and Holmes and with Holmes catching outta the back field he will be lethal just like last season.

On Defence - Tay Cody and Clinton Wayne

I think these two guys will have to step up and set the tone for our defence this year. Wayne is farly new and still hasn't proved him self but I think this year will be his comming out party and we will be saying Belli who?

Agreed. I'm likin' Tad's game more and more.

As also mentioned, Clinton Wayne will make himself AND Marcel Desjardins look good.

Also I think Anthony Davis will do great as well if we add his talents into the running game he could be a great backup for Lumsden I liked what I saw from him last year when they gave him the ball.

Well, I am hopeful Wayne will be able to point to the guy lining up beside him in '07 and say "Him!"

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Wee,

yes that would indeed be a great thing because we need some crazyness back in the lineup. But I can't see it happening even though Belli said he would come back if the money was not there in montreal. I just don't see us getting him after releasing cheatwood and cotton for underachieving but hey you never know I didn't think they would cut thoes two but thats over and done with.

I think getting a Belli/Wayne tandem collapsing a pocket from the middle will help Anthony Collier and whoever else comes in at DE. Roger Dunbrack is a solid guy to rotate into the mix as well. I would love to see the Cats have an all-Canadian rotation at DT, allowing for more import depth at rush end.

Teams hate playing against Belli, that is his rep. I would welcome him back as I am confident Taaffe will hold him to account for improvements to his discipline. I believe one can push the aggression line without being dirty. The stupid penalties (late hits, offsides) are the ones that come back to haunt us.

In the Pantheon of Cat DTs, Mosca was not pristine pure in this regard. He was prone to offsides at times, but he developed as a lineman and learned to hold his water and not go offside at key times.

I want guys with an edge in that position for the Cats. Belli is as jagged as they come. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I would welcome Belli back too because I HATED when we played against him and loved when he played for us(untill he took a dumb penilty) so if we get him back i'm all for it.

i have funny feeling that this season corey holmes will be converted to SB more then a RB, we will turn him into our litle archie of the future, when archie amerson came in he was a great back then we turned him into an even better SB, look for the tandum of Jesse Lumsden, Anothony Davis this year while Corey Gets the Catches.

With all due respect to the great play of Archie Amerson that you correctly salute, Corey Holmes doesn't have to be 'turned' into anything. He just has to be utilized properly, showcasing the versatility and jawdropping talent he had with the Riders for years.

We have a guy who makes one think instantly of Rufus Crawford and Archie Amerson in that kind of discussion and what did the team do with him last year? Kept him on the bench way too much (the game in Regina a prime example)!

Using Holmes a la Thomas Haskins when Taaffe ran the Als offense in the late 90s, Charlie can open the offense up for huge play action opportunities and effective countering off Corey's pre-snap motion. Creating mismatches ought to be a forte of Hamilton Ticat playcallers and offensive coordinators. I am confident Corey will rebound barring injury and have a big year if used correctly.

Oski Wee Wee,

Holmes has often been compared to Thomas Haskins. He was one of those versatile SB/RB guys playing for.... Charlie Taffe! back in Montreal so I wouldn't be surprised to see that kind of plan for Holmes

EDIT: guess my slow posting led to a repeat...sorry


shud be interesting, i pray we have a good offence this year, seemed like last year we payed to see the defence run around for 4 quarters/