Who will Score the Most Points This week?

So who of the 8 teams will score the most points? easy.

I am a die Hard Riders fan and i chose Montreal.
However it was a close 2nd trying not to pick Edmonton.

Edmontons superior team speed will dominate the porous defense of the Bombers.

hahahahahaa... cfleskfan.. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! hehe, thanks for the good joke!!!

yea superior team speed huh? hehehe

oh my that's gold! :lol:

It'll be either BC or Calgary. Burris might be able to show Cortez that he is the starter and light it up.

I think itll be either Winnipeg or Montreal they got the best matchups with their offenses vs their opposition defences

I picked the stumpies, they are very tough at home, and that young Hamilton defence won't be facing Banks and Dinwiddie this time.

I think either BC or Calgary. Calgary first, BC close second.

I was going to say Hamilton... but they have to play Calgary on the road.

So, instead I voted for B.C. I think they'll upset Toronto.

Poor Toronto, nobody has voted for them yet.

There's no way BC is going to score the most points. While they'll likley win, Torontos defence won't let them score that many points

Charles Roberts!

Looks like it could be a tie between Edmonton and Winnipeg. :lol:

I doubt it. I think someone will score in the 40’s