Who will replace Simoni for two games ?

Well, he did miss a total of two games over the past five seasons.

Greg Ellingson never was really hurt when he was with the Cats. :o Austin did not like him for whatever reason and that is why his play was limited here. He even tweeted about it after signing with the Redblacks but took the tweet down very quickly. 8)

Never? I think that's a stretch. He missed 6 games in his rookie season due to an injury, and yes it seemed after he left there was some dispute as to the other injuries he potentially sustained. But he certainly did come off the field limping in his rookie year and missed a bunch of time.

Not sure Austin didn't like him. Ellingson has gone on to be awesome but in 2014 we had Fantuz locked in and Ellingson was fighting for PT with Banks, Sinkfield, McDuffie, Tasker, Bakari Grant and signed Tolliver and Underwood after the season.

Pretty deep group but he is one that got away for sure.

I just think he sulked and whined way too much and Austin wouldn’t put up with it!
Good to see he got over it!

That was the year every time you watched the cats there was a new star reciever on the field; was like being a kid in a Candy store - each of these guys performed.
By 2016, a lot of this was gone and when Tolliver got hurt we could never really replace him.
I always wondered if in 2016, we pulled back on the finances as we had only signed one or two additional players in the off season.

Saw the thread title and just thought I’d pop in to read about how we let some guy named Ellingson get away a few years back . Also have to say some interesting posts as well about some guy named Austin who apparently used to coach here at one time .

Just wondering , but does anybody think that either of these guys can possibly replace Simoni for the next two games ? ;D

Not the best of news, for the TiCats, this week -- a tweet from the Sports Editor @ The Winnipeg Sun:

RT .@Ted_Wyman

Looks like Adam Bighill is a full participant at #Bombers practice today. Lucky Whitehead and Chris Matthews as well. Nic Demski is on the field but is not participating. #CFL

All threads have the potential to turn into Austin threads, no matter what the original topic is, and many do.

I think this is great news, I want to see how our team performs with the No. 1 team's best players on the the field - it will give us a true picture of, if we are a serious grey cup contender or just pretending like last year.

I may be disappointed but I can't wait for Saturdays game.

Sask vs BC is the only game Saturday

I am guessing Fridays game is the one you are looking forward to

Chris Mathews got stabbed last night. :o

Well, that’s something you don’t hear every day.

Shorthill has been the backup at Will since he was traded here (excluding his time on the IR). He will get a chance over the undersided Beverette, who is more of a SAM.

Nor want to hear, ever

Trying to figure out how somebody gets stabbed but then police say that no charges will be laid. Something doesn't add up with this story.

Maybe the CFL management team from 2018 and prior are now working for the Winnipeg Police.

Some of the stuff Hebert and Willis got away with was criminal.

“Definitely no charges will come from this,? Carver said. Darci Everett, a spokesperson for La Roca, said this was “Prematurely reported as a stabbing.? “The altercation was between a Winnipeg Blue Bomber player and other patrons,? Everett said. “The altercation was diffused quickly by our security team and all parties involved were asked to vacate the premises.

So … fingernail scratch? Poke in the belly? Or maybe someone made that throat-slashing motion which is the one thing we know for certain will be penalized in pro football.

This link says puncture wound. Maybe he tried to impale himself on a shrimp fork.