Who will replace Simoni for two games ?

My guess would have been Chris Frey but he appears to have a long term injury. i think Beverette could be the guy or if they go national it would be Shorthill. Either way, Simoni will be missed as he is having a good season with alot of tackles, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions.

I think they should go with Beverette as he offer more speed, strength , and athleticism than Shorthill. No slight to Shorthill has I think he could hold his own I just think Beverette brings more to the table

Another line-up question I have for the team’s return to action is … Where will Ungerer fit it?
The coach said, prior to the last game, that he expected him to be ready to play after the bye, following his recuperation from a hamstring injury, which occurred early in training camp.

Ungerer can return punts and kickoffs as well as being a quick Canadian receiver. Having both Jones and Ungerer in the lineup gives the Cats more ratio help and sub packages.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Could you guys comment on your thoughts on who you think will replace Simoni during his two game suspension. The Winnipeg game will be a measurement of where we are at. I think we have proven to be able to stop Andrew Harris in the past and Nicholls is an average QB. I think the cats are starting to gel in all 3 aspects pf the game and I think with a eeek off with additional preperation that the cats should be able to beat WPG.

As for Ungerer, I think he was a steal in the draft he has good speed, hands and is a big play guy. He will just make our team stronger and likely put Mike Jones to the bench by labour day. I think Ungerer can be a player like Wes Dressler.

That's all fine and dandy but who do you take out of the line-up so Ungerer can dress. Keep in mind that the player that you may want out has more versatility and especially more valuable on special teams than Ungerer may be. Examples like Langa, Walker, Bennett etc.

Cats are paper thin with Simoni replacements.

I thought the team might sign an unemployed veteran like Jeff Knox but it appears not.
Regardless if Frey is out for a stretch they will need a replacement for him.

My bet is that Beverette will come in and take his place. Shortill may start over Beverette tho’.

"Nails it". :wink:

End of speculation. All hail mightypope! 8)

Knox is currently on Ottawa’s PR . I guess we technically could pluck him off there and sign him , but it’s highly unlikely that we will do that . I’m kinda surprised that he isn’t on their active roster considering that they are only showing 5 LB’s on their depth chart for tonight’s game with the Bombers . Kinda thin with only 2 back-ups for 3 positions .

As for our situation we will also be thin in depth for the next two games as well . Frey’s injury couldn’t have come at a worse time unfortunately . Looking at our LB’s depth without either Lawrence and Frey and suddenly we’re looking for two bodies as replacements on the active roster .

The only other LB that I can see on the team’s roster who is available is Tyrice Beverett who is currently on our PR . So it looks like he will definitely be activated as one replacement . No idea who the team will activate though as the second LB replacement at the moment . I guess another option would be to dress 6 LB’s and fill the other roster spot with an extra DB . Perhaps Frankie Williams will be good to go next week and then the team could also keep Likely on the active roster as well for specials as well as added depth in the secondary and to spell off Williams on punt/kick returns .

The team could list Newton as Tuggle’s back-up in the middle as I’m pretty sure he has been listed there from time to time before on past depth charts although he is basically used strictly on specials much like Langa is as well and both are usually shown at WILL on the depth charts .

As for Simoni’s replacement as starting Will ? By the looks of things right now it appears that it will come down to between Shortill or Beverette , which ever way the team decides to go . I guess that this weeks practice will decide which one gets the start .

Ti-Cat current LB depth with Simoni suspension and Frey injury .


SAM…Rico Murray
MIKE…Justin Tuggle


Nick Shortill
Cam Newton
Jay Langa

practice roster

Tyrice Beverett

Just sign Bear Woods and get it over with

Bear is probably not quite in game shape at the moment. He hasn’t played this year and missed most of 2018 with injuries.

I would rather see the Cats play Shortill or Beverette to see what we have here. One of these guys could be the next Singleton or Bighill. ;D

Beverett is too light to play WILL IMO. He’s more SAM-sized.

Shortill will play is my guess. He’s certainly good enough.

Agreed, Shortill has been listed as Simoni's #1 back up on every Depth Chart this season.

Next man up, He will be ready, It will be his time to shine

I agree with that.
Tuggle to Mike & Shorthill to Will. As the starters.
Cant bring in anyone new at this point.
However. Moving Forward after this week. I do like the Idea of signing Knox off of Ottawas. PR.
He has been on the Ottawa PR for a couple of weeks now.
So if Ottawa doesnt sign him off their PR.
The Cats arent Likely the only ones thinking this same thing

It’s kinda nice knowing that no matter what happens this week or next week,
and who knows, quite possibly the week after that,
we will still be in 1st place in the East at the end of it. :slight_smile:

Tuggle is already the starting MAC/MIKE, and has been all season so far.

Another massive concern is Shorthill has never been able to stay healthy.

I know you can’t game plan for an injury but he has been the most injury prone Cat in recent memory.

Possibility: Davis and Tracy each have played linebacker.

Westerman takes the cake in that regard but nobody will beat the all-time record holder Evan Gill.

Greg Ellingson of the Ti-Cats /RB’s/ Esks has to be in competition for most injured .