who will printers new go to guy be?

who will be the new guy for printers

Geroy Simon...it ain't going to be Brock Ralph

the only receiver he mentioned in this press conference was armstead...

plus armstead gave his #1 to printers, so that might be a bribe to throw the ball in his direction as often as possible...lol

To the deepest open receiver – EUREKA! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If he can develop a rapport with Bauman, it will be great. A big slot a la Clermont, Chris’s development ought to be spiked by playing with Casey.

Oski Wee Wee,

I just hope Cris can get his confidence back.

And the one guy I want to see have more balls thrown his way is Curry.

This season- Jason Armstead
Next Season…- Talman Gardner.


Lumsden on the option or screen

kendric starling!!! or talman gardner!!

i hear darren flutie is making a comeback....... kidding

We do not have a go to guy yet.


After today, he could step up. Big time.

Casey Printers did a good job of distributing the ball among his receivers and running backs when he was with the B.C. Lions and will probably do the same with the Ticats. However, given that Printers and Nate Curry were teammates in Kansas City during the entire 2006 pre-season, it would not be surprising to see Curry become a prime target for Printers' passes.