WHO will pay for Toronto,s team

RE toronto,s NEW nfl team AND Stadium, source ( a.m radio 700 cinci. A new book re the financial facts of NEW Stadium in Cincinati (SP) CITY pays out 77% of stadium costs AND Maintanes it. this is average for all nfl cities. - Now if one remembers the 600,million, ONTARIO TAXPRSAYE put into the Skydome, !!! SOLD up the creek for 25.

The city of Toronto would have to pay for the new stadium and come out of property taxes or something. Sidebaring with this issue, how does toronto think it is a better football market than New Orleans? Those people grew up on football, like we canadians do with hockey. It would be like moving the leafs to New Orleans. Not a bad idea, haha, anyways Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver would deserve an NFL team more than Toronto. Thier stadiums are bigger(not Calgary's but attendance has been better over the past decade), and fan support has been consistant. Anyways, good stadium question. Taxpayers, taxpayers.....

If the government won’t pony up for a Canadian league that’s exclusively in Canada, then they damn well better not pony up for an American league coming to Canada.

Why is there all of a sudden extra Toronto-NFL talk? I don’t remember hearing this much about it a couple of years ago … could it be due to the Argos drawing strong crowds?

imo the CFl is like the original 6 nhl, unfortunatly SOME people( John Torrie exepted) with leverage in T.O dont agree.

Mayor Miller has already said that he is opposed to any Toronto City money being spent on an NFL franchise.

Granted, he is only one vote on council, and there is a municipal election this fall, nevertheless, he is not the only politician opposed to spending public money on the NFL.

Also, he mentioned that he didn't think this would be good for the CFL and that is another reason he is opposed.

Toronto has so many other things it needs to spend money on (Garbage disposal, public transit, fixing potholes…etc.) that it would be difficult for any politician to take up the cause for a new stadium.

So, to answer your original question, the MLSE-Rogers group will have to buy the team and then hope that they will get away with using Skydome for a decade or so until they have the funds for another stadium.

At any rate, this is all somewhat irrelevant because the NFL would likely block any franchise move to Canada.

Again why the discussion! The Saints owner laughed at the offer! It looks like hell will freeze over before the NFL will come to the self imposed Center of the Universe! :lol: :lol: Can't support a baseball team how do expect to support the No Fun League :lol: :lol: :lol:

who will pay for "Toronto's team", that's easy, nobody, cuz the NFL isn't coming to TO.

Enuf sed

What the Toronto media still using this story for slow sport days! Wow It seems like yesterday (early 70's) when they used this BS to sell their stories. It is funny tha no matter how much the media tries when you wake up in the morning Toronto is still a Canadian city. They try so hard to be american it is funny You All! But I believe the smart poster above me here stated it best nobody because there is not team!

TO thinks it's the center of the universe, and then the Americans laugh at them...but TO refuses to see the Americans laughing their a$$es off.

Vancouver yea right. anyway it ain`t going to happen and I hope it never happens

I once heard that in the early 70s, the Toronto media predicted that Toronto would one day have a major league baseball team. Absolutely ludicrous!! The Americans would never let it happen. Plus TO is not a baseball city, it's a hockey city. Next thing you know they'll be talking about Toronto getting an NBA team! Not in this lifetime, people.