Who Will NOT Watch The Super Bowl

Now that we are going to be swamped over the ridiculous two week wait with many polls and other than the only legit one of who is going to win, the rest is just nauseating.
Having said that, my posting is relevant as some of us will not be watching this game.
The overhyped raw raw raw World Champion nonsense will not get my precious time.
I hate the NFL, what it stands for and the Americana.
Anyone else not watching?

no idea why a football fan wouldn’t watch the Super Bowl. None at all.

The excessive amount of commercial breaks.... :o

Just like you as a football fan may watch the CFL and NFL and that's your choice, I on the other hand as a football fan only watch the CFL.
This does not make many any less of a football fan.

To each their own. I will watch because it is a "family" thing to do. Other then that, I really don't care.

My favourites sporting events...

World Juniors
CFL Season

I will watch because I love the NFL.

Super what?

An Argo-Cat fan

Better to get your beer pizza and wings no????

You needed to start a thread about this? A better thread would have been titled WHO GIVES A RATS BEHIND THAT ArgoT WILL NOT WATCH THE SUPER BOWL

So why the bitterness??? If you don't watch it fine but why do you have to bring your hate on here. Why are you so envious of what goes on south of the border. If you love the CFL tell us about it and why, mean mouthing the NFL and the USA just tells me that you are one jealous guy.

I wasn't going to watch it but after reading your post, I am going to watch.

Super Bowl XLIV - there were 16 million CANADIANS on ONE in TWO tuned into the Super Bowl at one time or another.
Get over it!!


Absolutely no bitterness.
This is a legitimate posting as not everyone watches.
Heck during the Grey Cup many NFL fans do not watch and how many times have you heard stories about certain bars not even tuning into the GC?
The NFL is the elephant in the room and remains a threat in this country for our precious league.

Yes I'll be watching It's a football game, not a replay of the War of 1812. Sure it's mostly hype but give them credit for selling their product. It's not like the CFL is even playing at this time.

i won't watch. never do.

It’s easy to avoid the hype. I just watch the game.

I don't know if I'll be watching or not. I may be at our country place and we only get a couple of channels on TV, so may not have it there. If I'm on the road back to the city at the time, I'll miss it. If I can get it, I'm sure I'll watch it. My brother has lived in Wisconsin for 40 years, so I have a bit of a rooting interest there.

A friend of mine from Florida is quite a football fan, but he makes a point of not watching the Super Bowl. Instead, he takes his wife out for dinner to a nice restaurant. He figures he watches enough sports the rest of the year and prefers to take the time with her to thank her for her patience.

I wish they had a better name for the game than "Super Bowl", it's so unimaginative and has nothing of tradition. Trying to dress it up and give it some false lustre by using the Roman numerals doesn't really cut the mustard for me. They're going to be in a real mess when they get to 48.... XLVIII. Six digits, yikes! The game is a big deal and deserves better than that. But I guess they're stuck with it now.

If you can get the US feed the commercials are ususally pretty funny and at the same time the Grey Cup has just as many commercial breaks but they are ususally the same boring ads we see through the whole season time after time after time after time...... :lol:

I'll be watching because my Steelers are in it. I have been watching a bit more NFL than usual this year. I usually watch the Steelers, but have expanded my horizons by watching some games with my boyfriend. Games have been a little more exciting this year than in the past. I used to have it that they'd walk off the field with time still on the clock, but they dont' seem to be doing that as much this year.

I may watch but like many "NFL fans", it will because I'm entered in an office pool (by team score at end of each quarter).

I may also like to see the half-time show with the Black Eyed Peas (Fergie anyway :smiley: ).

I hate our mind-control government and the forced Canadian broadcaster substitution which denies us the OPTION and CHOICE to watch the often classic American TV commercials so I sometimes tape the game and time shift (to avoid and bypass the "forced" Canadian commercials).

Our TV/media regulators could give China lessons on forced media control and exposure :roll:

Looks like you are on your own on this one buddy!! most of us will be going to a sport bar or friends over.
Maybe you could watch that series on Masterpiece Theatre it's actually pretty good

As a football fan, cannot understand why anyone wouldn't watch it. Last game of the season, long wait until June. Besides, beats going with the wife to the MALL shopping.