I don't mind admitting that I have no interest in watching the Super Bowl.
For me it's the usual reasons of over hype, chest thumping and the five hours of basic infomercial with the odd play thrown in.
My football season ended with the GC.
Anyone else feels the same way or am I the only one on this island?

I am GOING TO watch the Super Bowl because I love the NFL, just not as much as the CFL.

I'm with you argotom; I doubt that I'll watch it....might catch a few minutes here and there when flipping stations, but that would be about it.

not a chance that im watching...cfl runs thu my veins!

Word, dog.

I will watch the game, with a few friends at a bar that is having a Super Bowl party. It would have been better if my fav NFL team, the Packers, made it to the big game, but I'm hoping that the Giants can pull off the upset, I can't stand the Patriots.

I, too, hate the Pats. I respect them, but I dont like them. My fave team is the Eagles! Then my next favorite is the Cowboys. Dont ask me how I can like 2 NFC East teams, because I dont have an answer lol

There's a football game.
I'm watching it.

I'll watch....there wont be any more football until June!

Seriously, while my preference is CFL, I'll go to the neighbourhood party as well, drink, eat and watch the game!

what is with all these people trying to boycott the NFL. It is a different brand of football, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch it and enjoy it. The CFL is great, and i still think we need to promote it better, but it doesn't mean I'm not gonna watch other football. To me, football is football, whether it is NFL, CFL, Canadian College, American College, Arena, whatever.

Of course I'll watch it, I love gridiron football, 3 down, 4 down whatever. I don't have the emotional ties to the NFL like I do the CFL but I still love watching two team go at it.

I agree 100%

Drives me nuts when I read all this "NFL is ****" The CFL is the only football for me. Football is a great sport and we should be doing everything to build it up not tear everyone else down. These are also the same people who say they don't/won't watch NFL but somehow feel they are qualified to comment on it?????

Hey listen to each his own, why does there have to be a conspiracy reason for not watching something that some of us don't like?
There is nothing wrong with saying I only love and will watch the CFL. Period. No bashing, just "the facts".

True enough argotom but as long as you don’t go around saying there is nothing wrong for Canadians to say the same about the NFL. That’s all.

Hey no worries Argotom... like I've said before - if I ever run into you at the Argos' or TFc game I'll buy you a brew. You've always got somethin interesting to say.
What ever floats your boat. I like the both the CFL and NFL - you don't.

I just find it funny that on this forum we spend a lot of time discussing what goes on in the NFL our comparing our leagues to theirs or tearing them down. When I'm on the Bengals forum there is no talk of the CFL. In fact most of them don't even know it exists or really care.

Everyone here likes to bash Toronto as American loving wannabes yet here on this site I see more concern over what is going on down south or how it will affect us, etc, than I see on a daily basis or ever in my experience on the streets outside my downtown office or in my neighbourhood.

I just find it funny.. and sad.
Why can't we just like what we like and move on to more productive discussions?

Agreed alpha and Earl.
It's is sad how we living in Canada cannot primarily talk and prop up what it truly the last bastion of Canadiana left.
And in my opinion the best sporting entertainment around.
You guys as well as others enjoy the SB.

I might watch if I'm home.
But if I have something better to do, I won't bother.

I'll be watching it in Florida..... company conference thingy - make-work-project-so-we-can-get-them-to-work-over-their-weekend-and-we-get-a-tax-writeoff...... I hope I can at least get into a bar............. arrrrggggggggghhhhhhh

I know this question was asked last year and I answered the same as I will this year...

"The Puppy Bowl" on the "Animal Planet Channel" Three hours of amateurs who truly love what they do!!!

Once I was able to watch the CFL year after year, it was a no brainer for me.

Out of 41 SB's (if you go by score) a Whopping total of 11 games have been close!

Just didn't meet the requirements for myself to watch anymore.

I'm with you on this.