Who will miss the playoffs in 2017

LOL - everything is possible, if it's an east cross over, then 3 west teams wouldn't make the playoffs.
Did anyone predict Ottawa with 12 wins and a trip to the Grey Cup after their opening 2 - 16 season?

I'll do my "miss playoffs" report on a percentage basis:

Saskatchewan - 57%
Montreal - 37%
Toronto - 27%
Winnipeg - 23%
Hamilton - 18%
Ottawa - 15%
BC - 14%
Calgary - 8%

Where's Edmonton ?

8 wins

No kidding, the East would pretty much have to slaughter almost the entire West and keep a fairly even pace with itself for this to happen.

I don't see Hamilton as the team to beat at all. Mainly because I'm not yet convinced the tabbies can establish a consistently effective rushing attack. Yeah, Ottawa lost Hank and Williams, but realistically Harris is perfectly feasible a QB and they still have Ellingson, Sinopoli and a good ground game. Ottawa won the cup for a reason.

Not just the running game but passing game too, with the loss of Fantuz who was a 1,000 yard receiver, they have 2 good receivers with Banks as a backup. One of their problems in the past couple of seasons has been at DB, they picked up Kenneh from Ottaw, which was a good move but there are still a couple of holes back there.

Hamilton will not be the team to beat. With the signing of Bear Woods in Toronto they have arguably the best "D" in the east. The Als have made some big moves but the question is at QB and the "O" line.
Ottawa has lost a couple of key players but management has done a great job to replace them.
The east will be strong and not a lot between all four teams.

The title of this thread should have been like the one last year - "useless pre-season predictions"

... all it takes is 2 hits ... a starting quarterback being hit, and him hitting the ground hard, for a team's season to be done.

Yes of course. Look what happened with injuries the past couple of years, Hamilton without Collaros, Argos minus Ray, Ottawa losing Burris and Trevor Harris in the first half of the season. Can Durant in Montreal stay healthy?

With tiny rosters and 10 hours of practice on average a week. This league is all about what team can stay healthy, especially at the QB position because when the starter falls, there isn't enough practice time and reps to get another one to take over. Some HC are good at this Trestman for example and some have been brutally bad, Austin comes to mind. Although he now claims he has discovered science so we'll see. The standings in the CFL are directly tied to health of the starting QB and that is kind of sad but until the league makes changes, that's what we get.

Yup...we can almost pick the year end winners by the quality of their back-up QBs.
Maybe with teams finally waking up to the need to build Offense from the O-line out we will see a difference.

.....Lyle gets a little confused sometimes bobo :lol: ..I think it's all of those percentages that do it...................................

I think Ottawa is healthy with Drew Tate as the backup, Masoli in Hamilton is capable not sure about the Argo or Als, will have to see what they look like in pre-season.

However unlikely … the East can cross-over

Forgot about them green 'n gold martians from Edmonchuck. Musta ingested too many Hunky Bill perogies w/ sour cream, altering brain function and football prescience!

Esks would be about same as Wpg. to miss playoffs - around 23 to 24%

Still no love for the Bombers eh Lyle ?

I promise they will be better than you think.

As for EE ( Everybody’s Enemy ) , they do have the best QB in the CFL.

I would not underestimate them.

Which will be the last team to collect their first win?

''''''Hunky Bill....wow that brings back a lot of 'feels like I ate lead' dinners from the past...Perogies heavy and delicious...

Now Lyle....you gotta cut the BigBlue a break sometimes...1 percentage point dif....c'mon we're better than that ..This is the year that O'Shea beats up on Maas and we cool of the Esks.

...by my super-scientific calculations: Winnipeg and Hamilton both in week four

Yes they do have the top QB in EE land . Reilly is not to bad either. Great Combo!!!!

While the East is a little murky, the Alberta teams are clearly the class of the West division, with the Lions as a potential dark horse if Jennings takes another step.