Who will miss the playoffs in 2017

Over the past 10 years teams missed the playoff as Follows. We did not include Ottawa as didn't appear until 2014

team missed playoffs
Winnipeg 5
Toronto 4
Edmonton 4
Sask 3
Hamilton 3
Montreal 2
Calgary 0
BC 0

Who Do you Think will miss playoffs? Which 2 teams will play in Ottawa at Grey Cup time.

AND why will BC lions beat Hamilton on that day? Why??

TO SOON :smiley:

All teams have gone through many changes.

However, just for fun I will give you my predictions then explain.

Saskatchewan and Montreal will miss the play-offs.

In the West, Stamps and Lions will battle for first all season long.
Esks will be 3rd and Bombers will battle for cross over.

In the East, Cats,will finish 1st .
Followed by the Reds or Argos for 2nd and 3rd.
East 3rd will be in a race with Bombers for cross.

I predict a Lions - Cats CFL Championship , because they both have the 2 best secondary sets in the CFL.
Along with solid receiving .

Very nicely said. It is early. Thanks

It's hard to say at this point. Edmonton just might not be as good as you think. Too tough to call right now

This is where I am at. Edmonton, IMO, got weaker last season and weaker again this season.

This season I think the Eskimo's issue is that their national depth is depleted a bit and the loss of Greenwood is going to hurt...that said, I think Konar might be ready to get more reps and excel....if he can play well with a casted hand. Tough way to start the season. They still have a very strong contingent of NI depth on the OL, but they will need a Canadian or 2 to elevate IMO...if that happens they will be sitting good, but w/o seeing a couple preseason games, who knows.

The Stamps are going to be a contender...we all know that...but from a few things I have heard there is a bit of concern on the OL...Dennis departing hurts but I am confident that they will fill that well...still...that is a good piece of leadership gone. Beyond that it sounds like they are a little worried about national depth on the OL...looking at their roster I can see it. They don't have a lot of experience there depth wise. Sure...they have a lot of youth, which is great, and some of those guys might turn out to be fantastic...but at the moment there is not a lot of experience there depth wise. I think that will be a point to watch if they need that depth early...if they don't need it early I think they will coach who they have up and be alright late in the season if it is called upon.

Bombers I think we see if they can carry their success into a second season...I see no reason they shouldn't. They are a little light in the national receiver department and we will see if they land one more top end WR on an international basis this year...I think that the health of Hall might be a concern...hopefully he is at 100% because he coached a ball hungry D last season. If the D can do that again and the secondary can tighten up they could do some really good things.

BC is the team to beat IMO. I think Wally has done some solid things there, and while the retirement of Gore stings but Iannuzzi has not reached his potential IMO and I think is going to have a good season, Vandervoort could contribute early....international wise it is tough to go wrong with that group and they might be the best group in the league (I know TSN did a piece on it...did not watch it yet but it was BC vs SK) and the combination of Rainey and Williams is scary on multiple levels.

Sask has a huge question mark on QB...Glenn is more than serviceable but can he last and do they have the depth behind him...if they do they have the receivers to do some damage. OL seems improved, which is not saying much, but it is improved. RB is a concern thus far in camp but not a nightmare. If nothing else they picked up Allen who is a good blocker and can get positive yards, though he is not a breakout type player. Secondary is going to be suspect for at least the start of the season and they have a lot of eggs in the Jefferson basket on the DL. They might be starting 2 LB spots with Canadians, which would be pretty interesting.

That is my take on the West at the moment and I am sick of typing lol. I am holding off on guessing anything until we see some real action.

Gonna go with Als, Riders and Edmonton miss the playoffs.

There wasn't a lot of big movement in the off season, apart from Toronto getting a lot of veteran players who all had injury issues, mainly from the Als.

The Als have shed a lot of veteran talent, and while they have an answer at QB, Durant has proven injury prone as of late. QBs have recently been dropping like flies in the league, so that is not a good scenario. They are in at the start of a re-build, I'm not expecting an awe inspiring performance.

Saskatchewan was abyssmal last year, and generally in our league, when an older NFL player comes up north, they seldom light up the place. KG is a solid backup though. I don't see enough improvement here to say Saskatchewan is going to crawl their way out of the hole this year.

Edmonton went through a management debacle and depleted a bit of their Canadian depth and last season they got in, mainly on the merits of a weak, injury plagued east division.

So why not anyone else?

Calgary, BC, Ottawa and Winnipeg have largely kept their rosters intact, and they were all competitive teams. They had no off season drama and no major overhauls.

Hamilton, last year was a better team then their record made them out to be. The problem has been, the Cats have been consistently plagued by injuries over the past few years. I have doubts that bug will continue, and given Masoli's experience as backup, should make the team even more resilient. The issue is Hamilton has lost quite a few receivers and the team to me, is starting to age.

That leaves Toronto. They made a lot of signings (mostly at the Als expense) in the off season, and while the majority of those signings were for vets with a history of injuries, I doubt all of them are going to get hurt. They also have Trestman and Popp coaching the team, which in my eyes is a beneficial move for the team. I think they've done enough to squeek into that number three spot in the east and keep the crossover at bay. The biggest issue I see though is who does Ray throw the ball to? SJ Green coming off a knee injury is the only name that stands out for me.

Pretty much hitting how I am feeling at the moment.

Winnipeg & Montreal

Riders, Bombers, Stamps

Not even possible
But ok

While I agree that it's way too early for predictions and way too many variables are yet to be determined , nonetheless since it's for fun here goes . My fearless preseason prediction for who I think might miss the play-offs in this upcoming season are the REDBLACKS , Alouettes and the Roughriders . I'll even take this a step further and make an early prediction on how the final standings might look like .....(subject to change :wink: )


Hamilton..........10 - 8 - 0 - 20
Toronto.............8 - 10 - 0 - 16
Ottawa..............8 - 10 - 0 - 16
Montreal...........7 - 11 - 0 - 14


B.C...................12 - 6 - 0 - 24
Calgary............11 - 7 - 0 - 22
Winnipeg........ 10 - 8 - 0 - 20
Edmonton.........9 - 9 - 0 - 18
Saskatchewan...6 -12- 0 - 12

Play-offs :

East Semi : Eskimos vs Argonauts
West Semi : Bombers vs Stamps

East Final : Argonauts vs Ti - Cats
West Final : Bombers vs Lions

Grey Cup : ??????? vs ???????? (Who knows ? No way I'm predicting this game this early on . :slight_smile: )

You, all agree it a makes no sense to make predictions, but you make them anyway. :lol:

Riders and Argos and possibly Als if WPG or EDM cross over

Unfortunately greybeards Glenn and Ray won't make it thru the season without injury
and their backups are just not good enough to get them into the post season

LOL !!! Yup , and that is why I put a....(subject to change :wink: ) on my prediction. :smiley: :lol: and followed it up with a........

Grey Cup : ??????? vs ??????? ( Who knows ? No way I'm predicting this game this early on . :slight_smile: ) :lol:

....mathematically possible, but the odds I would imagine are staggering.....I'd be interested to know which eastern team jim figures finshes fourth with a better record than those three western teams...

....you can put Calgary into the category of tanking if BLM gets injured...not entirely sure our backups have what it takes yet....

H/t for at least doing a mathematically possible scenario, i.e. wins and losses both add up to the correct number of games (81). Seen so many predictions that have lopsided number of wins over the years.

I think the Stamps are sitting alright at QB depth TBH. As prolific as Bo....likely not....but I think they have a couple good guys there

This should have been a poll.

I don't follow the off season acquisitions as closely as most on here, but the ones that missed the playoffs last year were so hilariously bad that I'd have to tout them as the early favourites to miss them again.

Now Toronto started strong and then went in the tank iirc, so I suppose they are the most likely to get back on the horse.

Hamilton is the team to beat in the East.

All of my Buckeyes are on bad teams this year. There's only three according to this site, with one on Toronto, one on Sask, and one unsigned.

Mitch Gale did a good job for the Riders last year.

If he has to come in, I think he will be ok.

Yet you never know how a guy will adjust to a new system.

BLM, has been very lucky so far.

You gotta think someday that luck will run out.