Who will leave first Maas or Printers

With teams in need of a starter do you think these two will ride the pine for long?
Burris left he was the smart one.
Poor Maas his own team under-rates him and does not even promote his CFL record set last year. They write lies about him to cover him up even check it out.

[url=http://www.esks.com/default.asp?V_DOC_ID=867&ESKS_ROSTER_ID=226]http://www.esks.com/default.asp?V_DOC_I ... TER_ID=226[/url]

best performance 13- 22 for 161. He is in the record book with 22 completions in a row in that game so wtf is that.

No respect must be the ears..
Now poor Printers sits on the bench after being the leagues MVP ...bah
Time for a poll.

well considering they are both under contract with their respective teams... i'd say neither can do much until the off-season. Thats when Printers could try to make a move somewhere as his contract will be up, and i'm not too sure how long Maas has left on his contract...he might have to put up with it longer. I'm sure an Edmonton fan will know how long he has left on his contract and can enlighten us.

And i looked at the page you provided a link to... and it looks like they just screwed up and put the little write-up about him for 2003 under 2004 as well, cuz if you look down to his 2003 write up i'ts the exact same. Maybe you should send an e-mail or leave a comment if they have a comment option and let them know of the error instead of accusing them of some stat cover-up conspiracy.

Neither will leave. Calgary will trade for Dickenson at the end of this year when their current rebuilding plan goes to pieces. Maas says he loves being in Edmonton ... who are we to disbelieve him? :slight_smile:

I was just kidding about the cover up ..They actually have him as the player profile of the day so I don't think it is that way at all.
It is not my job to tell them they screwed up that job is up to an Esk fan :lol:
As for contracts ... I was thinking of the trade or play me kind of thing until their contracts are up. Sad but true they might beg to leave.

Maas and Ray get along well together, combined with being under contract and a chance at another Grey Cup, Mass isn’t going anywhere.

Same for Printers, once his toe and shoulder heal (Yes, he still has nagging ailments) he is still under contract, and he also has another chance at a Grey Cup, he won’t be moving anywhere soon.

Dickenson isn't going anywhere till he retires. He has a no Trade Clause in his contract.

yeah but that can be bought out for the right price.

Hamilton is definitely in the market for a QB......their owner has bucks(was willing to shell out bigtime for Flutie)....I think they'll try to make a play for Printers eventually....short-time Khari.. but .he's not the answer....sorry KJ.

No need to apologize to Khari....He's on his way back to Winnipeg.