Who will Kavis Reed want to be his QB in 2013

Kavis Reed really felt more comfortable with Kerry Joseph at QB. Some had to do with his experience but a lot had to do with his style of play. He often called plays specifically for Joseph to run. Joseph was able to do that and fit the offensive scheme perfectly. The problem was that Joseph is almost 40 years old and after he was named the starter for the Remainder of the season the ESKS were playing some good football but by the end of the season and into the playoffs you could see that Joseph was worn out. Edmonton Actually has a very good team at every position with the exception of the most important one QB.
With McPherson being a free agent he is available and would most likely take an offer from Edmonton if he was named the starter as Jyles was. McPherson's has the same skill set as Joseph only he is 10 years younger. The Als made it a point to resign him as Callivillo's replacement last time around but it does not look like Calivillo is ready to retire. I also get the feeling that Montreal does not think he is the right guy for the job now anymore.
The biggest thing is that McPherson is done waiting and at 30 years old the time is now for him he cannot wait any longer.

So the question then becomes, steve, do the Eskimos wait until he becomes a free agent in February or do you make a trade to acquire him before then? I'd lean to the latter if you really think he's the guy. . . if you wait until February, you run the risk of Montreal re-signing him (not sure how likely that is but it's a risk), and you'll be competing with Winnipeg who will also be seeking a new QB. If Montreal re-signs him or Winnipeg out-bids you, you're back to square one. So I'd enquire about making a deal for him shortly after the Grey Cup.

In his last 3 starts, Joseph was 28-78, you do the math, obviously math wasn't Kavis' strong suit.

I am willing to give Reed the benefit of the doubt with regard to not having an Offensive Coordinator but his handling of Edmontons quarterbacks was terrible. I disagreed with Joseph starting but when he was still in the game at the half when he was 4-12 is simply unacceptable. McPherson is not coming, forget him, Nichols is the guy, nobody else need apply.

Im not sure how they will handle it but I am not sold on Nichols right now. MCPherson will go to the place that is the best fit for him. I am not sure there will be a big difference in the mone he is offered by whichever team he chooses to go with. Listening to a sports radio talk show in Montreal the guest was a agent with clients all over the CFL and he had commented on Mcpheson will go to a team in which he can start for, his time for waiting is over. So whether AC retires and he stays or he seeks out the two teams in need of a QB. As I mentioned Edmonton is his best fit.
This is the first season that Nichols has even made a pro football roster anywhere spending time in One NFL camp a year 2010 on EDM practice roster and last year on the IR all season. He will not be the starter in Edmonton. after not dressing for a game in 2 seasons for edmonton and then finally promoted to the 3rd QB and only put into the game out of desperation for Edmonton. If they thought that he was capable of being a starter next year he would have been the #2 this season. he only started two games one a meaningless last game of the season the other was against Calgary where he was awful. A young stron QB was not even entrusted with the duties of the short yardage QB. 2 of his TD passes were flukes. one a bad fg snap with a fire drill pass. the other was when 2 Montreal players blitzing up the middle fell over each other. I just dont think that Kavis Reed who is the coach thinks he is the starting QB by the way he used him and Reed is the coach.