Who will end up as the Argo QB

so with Joseph and Pickett gone... do you think one of the 5 QBs in the Lions camp will be wearing double blue this season

Jackson and Pearce are the only 2 decent qbs. Pearce has head injury issues, so that leaves only JJ. Does Wally really want to let JJ go? Remember Printers is super injury prone. Lulu has shown nothing, I would not want him, the others have no record of anything. Now does JJ go to Argos because Braley owns them?? I have no problem with Dave owning both teams btw, I love the guy.

This business that Lions have 5 great qbs? I do not see it, I mean the last 2 are unkowns basically, and lulu can only run.

Just my take :cowboy:

There's a reason you're just a poster and not involved in football operations lady.

yeah but, you can also look in the mirror when you say that :twisted:

Obviously. I was looking in the mirror when I said that.

Obviously. I was looking in the mirror when I said that.
Just curious to know what you are disagreeing with? I said Buck has head injury issues. I said Printers was injury prone. I said Lulu mostly runs. I said the other 2 have no record in the CFL to speak of. I say all 4 of those statements are true.

Can you deal with those 4 statements, show me how I have it all wrong? Or do you just throw insults

Since we are getting no where with this question here is the answer Buck is the one who will be shipped to Toronto. JJ will be Printers backup and Lulay#3 for now. Wally has seen enough good things out of T L to have him in that spot this year .come next year he will move up to #2 and JJ will traded

they should have their heads examined if they try to go with pierce as starter. Whats Ritchie Williams doing these days.