Who will deliver thank Thank You card to Mr. Hufnagel?

The Stamps have come out saying that Drew Tate is going to be their starter... It doesn't make whole lot of sense to me to throw off what the team has been successful with all year.


The Riders D-line big three puts pressure on Tate let alone contain Cornish, huge plus. Should be a good game, but consider the 4th Quarter in prep on hard nosed O-line - Durant steps up with his reads/special teams will play a factor.

I would rather play Glenn.. Drew Tate scares the heck out of me tbh. He is a game breaker where as Glenn is a solid QB who isn't overly special.. I am actually thinking Tate is gonna unload on the Riders..

I am of the opinion that Tate is an easier QB for us as I think we can pressure and sack him more than Glenn. Glenn is a quick delivery type QB which the Riders have struggled against (Calvilo, Ray, Glenn) vs the other types who will stay in the pocket longer or start scrambling who play more into our strengths. We'll see though Tate could just as easily light us up. Cover Lewis, and stop Cornish and the Riders Defence should be able to hold them to 21 pts.

This is a really good point.

Glenn must like crap being treated that way. Calgary and BC tend to do that to thier players.

If Tate doesn't produce they put in Glenn. We just have to make sure no matter who is in they don't get any momentum going.