Who Will Crossover Poll...

I picked Edmonton, naturally, but in my opinion it will come down to which team wins the rubber match between Edmonton and BC, on October 19.

….I think the Leos go east postseason…One needs to look no further than ‘blowtop’ Maas to see why the Esks. are in the trouble they’re in…Who can respect a coach who can’t keep it together and seemingly allows a tantrum to over rule good sense and planning at the bench…I would have said at the beginning of the year that the Esks. had a very good shot at first in the west but ‘maniac Maas’ re-appeared to bolster his performance from last year…That I think is their biggest impediment …the next would be their swiss cheese o line that’s hanging Riley out to dry…I don’t know how Mike is going to last the rest of the year with the pummeling he’s taking…In any event…Grey Cup at home but the team has gone golfing, will be the refrain echoing shortly around schmoeville

So your only reason for picking the Lions is your dislike for Edmonton. Makes perfect sense, to somebody I am sure.

….Nope....just stating things they way I see them at present....Guess you missed the part where I thought they could challenge for first in the west...Hardly hate for Edmonton...But if that's the way you see it...so-be-it.

I actually thought this was an interesting way to look at it:

Basically, it takes the upcoming opponents win ratio total into account and averages it. It doesn't account for something like say BC having an extra game over 3 teams they are chasing, and it doesn't account for the fact that their final game is against Calgary...who could be resting a few by then. Still pretty interesting

Some interesting little factoids:

-All teams control their own destiny, you win the remaining games, you are in the post season
-BC is only team without a bye
-Saskatchewan has only one home game remaining
-Edmonton only team that does not play Calgary
-BC plays Calgary twice (may be an advantage)
-All teams play 2 games against the others vying for the final 3 positions

Predicted order of finish in West Division

-Calgary - No Brainer
-Saskatchewan - Somebody has to
-Winnipeg - Cause I want them to
-Edmonton - Reilly factor
BC - Wally teams almost always peak too early

Confucius saying… He who bet against Mike Reilly make bad History Teacher. :wink:

Looks like the crossover team right now maybe HOT at the right time and miss the west but will still have lots of fight to give the East reps . They are playing all out and they all look good .

Edmonton and BC looked strong today .

Winnipeg was playing lights out .

Like stated earlier, theCrossover will go to the winner of next weeks Edmonton/BC game.

If I could have picked BC and Edmonton, I would have. I picked BC simply because I’m a born optimist. The realist part tends to sometimes kicks in later.

Yup . It's certainly looking that way . It's been a crazy season to say the least . I can't remember a year in a long time where we could actually see 7 of the 9 teams finish at .500 or better and have 1 of them miss the play-offs . I voted for the Lions but in all honesty I think it will come down to the last team who has the ball in this upcoming game .

I haven't crunched the numbers but the way the Riders snoozed through that game in Wnp ? Maybe they slide into that crossover , if that's possible . Stayed tuned .