Who Will Crossover Poll...

Who do you think will cross over?

Who would be best for the East as the cross over team?

I think Winnipeg will cross over.

While the SRR would be the best cross over team in terms of draw, Winnipeg would be second best.

As far as who would be easiest to beat… probably Winnipeg.

I voted Edmonton

BC crosses over to play Ottawa/Hamilton in the ESF
Winnipeg goes to Saskatchewan in the WSF
Edmonton finishes 5th , out of the play-offs in a Grey Cup host year for the city .

Agreed. I think the Esks are finished. There has been a serious loss of confidence on that team. On the other hand, B.C. is surging. How Winnipeg finishes up is anybody's guess. That team as been hot and cold all year.

I called BC

Lulay is running the 1st team offence at practice this week and is starting in CGY

Farhan Lalji
Travis Lulay and Tyrell Sutton are expected to start this week at#Stampeders. Solomon Elimimian is not ready yet. Hopes to practice next week and play 1-2 games before possible playoffs. #BCLions @CFLonTSN @CFL
2:09 PM - Oct 9, 2018

anyone taking into account who each team has still to play

Saskatchewan (10-5) @ Wnp / @ Calg / B.C ..............predicted finish....11-7...2nd place
Winnipeg ( 8-7) Sask / Calg / @ Edm........................predicted finish.........10-8...3rd place
B.Columbia ( 7-7 ) @ Calg / Edm / @ Sask / Calg.......predicted finish......9-9...4th place crossover
Edmonton ( 7-8 ) Ott / @ BC / Wnp..........................predicted finish.........7-11...5th place eliminated p.o


Dems fightin words !

Unless your dream comes true.

The only change I would consider on my predictions above would be maybe an 8-10 finish instead of 7-11 for the Esks . They might squeeze out a final victory this week against Ottawa at home but will follow that up with 2 consecutive losses to end their season . Either way it doesn't matter if it's 7-11 or 8-10 it equates to them missing the play-offs in a year where they are unfortunately hosting the Cup .

The Edmonton Eskimos are the most likely team to crossover, and they could well become the East’s representative in the Grey Cup Game.


Nope . I honestly think that they are Dead Men Walking this year . The team is starting to tune out old Dopey Ears and his lunatic fringe act that was worn thin quite some time ago . Maas is a bottom feeder HC who is better suited as an OC or perhaps as a positional coach . I honestly think at times watching him on the sidelines and his antics that he must have a screw loose or two or that there is not much between those two rather large ears of his in the way of brain matter the way he conducts himself .


I really hope Jason Maas proves his naysayers wrong.


…they should give coaches one set of headphones for the entire year

Everyone jokes about Wally Buono losing steam in BC, not having the coaching prowess he used to torment opposing CFL coaches.

That said, with tragic injuries to Travis Lulay, a sensational decline in play from JJ Jennings, losses of defensive game-breakers Bighill & Elimininian Wally is on the precipice of making the playoffs - either as 3rd place squad in west or crossover.

Edmonton is losing altitude weekly. Saskatchewan is probably doomed to 2nd in west while Winnipeg is Winnipeg - as erratic and disconnected an organization as there ever could be. Winnipeg is erratic on offense, wildly erratic on defense and O’Shea’s coaching is at best, over-detailed and utterly muddled.


If Winnipeg crosses over and plays the Ticats, we're going. :slight_smile:

There, now it's correct.


according the strength of schedule numbers, Edmonton has it the easiest

I think it may come down to whoever wins the bc/ed game.