Who will conquer the cold?

People seem to throw out moving the season up one month like it's just that easy.
First of all teams do not want this! Tv ratings and attendance are far stronger after labour day, so is fan and media interest. Why would you want to essentially switch one lousy month for a really good one?

Most importantly, moving the season a month isn't going to happen because of logistics. Rookies coming out of CIS/NCAA football finish exams in the end of April, when can you realistically expect them to be ready for camp in a time fashion.

I understand it's going to be cold, but this is football and this is Canada. Dress up and enjoy the game!
I think the CFL when we go back to 9 teams will move the season two weeks earlier. One week is necessary due to the number of teams anyways.

I have heard agruemennts for and against movimg up the schedule. I don't buy the Rookie NCAA angle, as most teams have a rookies list and ex-NFLer list, etc. Guys come in and all the time through out the year. Why would people and media get more interested after labour day? If you love the league your interest starts at training day camp. Stands are just as full at start as at end of the season. Move it up, you may get more fans in the stands at the end of the year and teams will welcome that extra revenue.

At the CIS playoff game at mcmahon yesterday both teams survived (St.Marys and U. of Calgary) and the game had running and passing including several long bombs and a couple of nice post pattern touchdowns. They survived in the elements and provided a decent entertaining game- at least U. of C. did.
People forget that the weather is an equalizer on both sides. Sure the offensive receivers cannot make sharp cuts on the icy turf but neither can the d-backs. Running backs have it harders without the cuts but power football is perfect for this weather and the d-lines have traction problems too so the advantage is to the offense I think.

Finally, one of the most exciting Grey cups was played in Winnipeg and it was a shoot out if memory serves correct final score something like 41-38. i think Danny mcmanus was one of the qbacks maybe Doug Flutie the other but it was wildly entertainiing but the fans froze but we Canadians are tough- tougher than the Russians!!!!! That is why we won in the '72 hockey series!!!!!

Sure but I recall crappy playoff games in crappy weather. Especially in edmonton withnthe grass. Whichnis now gone. Flutie not warming his hands one year in GC (lost?) so next year he kept them warm. Games in Edmonton where no one could make a cut in their running as it was too icy, guys sliding for many yds it was so icy and the team with the best guess at foot wear winning their play off games. Brutual. My opinion. I’d like to see an exciting game with no weather impacts. A lot of people here seem to like the idea of battling the weather as well. Funny how hockey is a winter sport yet played indoor at professional level. What if Argo’s beat Montreal due to weather? Then what would people say if that had happen?