Who will conquer the cold?

It’s going to be a very cold day in Calgary on Sunday. It is sad in a way because I believe it will take away from what would have been an exciting offensive display by both sides. Which team is best suited to overcome the elements and go on to the Grey Cup?

The one that wins, silly! :wink:

Since the one that wins conquers the weather, obviously it will be the Riders.

I like my teams chances.

The two headed monster in Reynolds and Cornish will be ready to roll. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I have to agree with this. -12 is not horrid, but we will see what the wind is like. If it comes to a running game, you have to favor the Stamps (and I am a Rider fan). That being said, the Riders have not used a pile of run this year, so if they pull out a big run 1st mentality it might catch the Stamps off guard. They do have a couple solid back to run with. Then, the D might play a run D, which could really sting them quickly if the Riders all of the sudden change up. But yeah, from what we have seen this season from the Stamps, you gotta think they are favored. I expect to see a lot of passing plays that even if there is a remote open receiver that both of these prolific running QBs will tuck and run.

Hence all stadiums should be domes with retractable roofs. :rockin:

Hell no.

You got that right.
We don't need domed stadiums - we need to start the regular season 3 weeks earlier.

The runnin game will be a huge factor and I agree that on paper Calgary has the advantage but don't count out Wes Cates. I think our ability to move the ball on the ground may surprise everyone.

I love outdoor football. It is meant to be played in the elements. That being said, the potential for a game in -30 plus windshield doesn't make a pile of sense. You play a full season in generally warm weather, then the championship run in rather frigid, effectively changing the game. Silly. I say start it a month earlier...nothing wrong with having a 0 degree game, and eliminating the need for domes. I love seeing the greycup game held on the prairies. The weather was great last year in Calgary, but sucked in Regina a few years back, and looks like it might this year to. you are adding unneeded health risks to not only the players, but the spectators when the potential for a -30 game takes place.

Going to be very interesting with the elements. Look at the NFL, games in New Engl, Pittsburgh, Denver, Buffalo I've seen in the past in December and Jan playoffs with cold and snow. It happens, you have to deal with it.

snow is fine. 0 is fine. -10 is fine. -35 and a 30km wind is not safe. obviously we are not there for this game, but next weekend could be. You also have to remember the money being left on the table in these frigid temperatures. Tailgating is not as predominant...concessions lose money because people come to the game just before. They go home right after...not as likely the pubs.

There is more to a game than the game itself. plus, I would rather see CFL start earlier, then I would only have a few months of football-less sadness.

This is the forecast from Environment Canada as of today.
Wind north 20 km/h late in the afternoon. High minus 16. Wind chill minus 27
I don't care if you are from SK or AB, this is damn cold to be playing or watching football. Although the running game will be important, with these 2 QBs the pass game will not be abandoned. Turnovers will be huge in this game! I just hope Grice-Mullen can hang on to the football.
I definitely agree with a lot of posts that we need to start the season 3-4 weeks earlier.


(see tomorrow's weather forcast for Calgary. And God only knows what it will be in Edmonton next weekend)

Good luck with that LadyGreen. :twisted: Ryan "Greased"-Mullen (as we used to call him in BC) was usually good for a least one fumble a game last year under optimal weather conditions. Tomorrow could be a train wreck.

Rocky_B, love the old-school Rider logo! That's a classic. I wish they'd use that more often!

Ok, that's pretty darn cold have to admit. Lady luck weather not with the CFL this year for division final and Grey Cup maybe as well. Too cold.
I guess the question is with the wind chill, is it even safe? :?

I too am worried about Grice-Mullen. I hope that we use Weston Dressler and Stu Foord more than G-M. On the otherside of the football Calgary's new returner is inexperienced and it will be interesting to see how he handles the cold weather and hard football. Special teams play will most likely decide tomorrow's game.

This is CANADA people!

We take pride in our toughness and our ability to deal with cold!
Those who wish to be warm are free to partake in the Tiddely Winks League in Arizona through the winter months! :smiley:

So let's say it is minus 40 or 45, next time the GC is held in Regina. Wind chill is huge here with the kind of winds we can get in the winter. Who wants to take their kids to the GC in those conditions. At some point it doesn't make sense to hold the game purely from a safety aspect. If there is any lightning in the area a game is stopped, why not for extreme cold. In tis city the schools are never closed no matter how cold it gets outside (very rare anyways).

Again, football is not a winter sport. The fact that Canada is so far north only makes sense that the game be played in a domed stadium with a retractable roof.

It hasnt stopped ticket sales. The West final has been sold out for a few days now.

Im sure some might not show up, but i expect it pretty full. :rockin: :rockin:

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: