who will coach and QB the new ottawa team?

i was thinking Jason Maas and Greg Marshall, but i have also heard rumors about Jesse Palmer. Thoughts?

Is this confirmed? Are they coming back next year?

I think the real question is when will the Ti-Cats get a good coach and QB? Oski wah wah all the way home... :cowboy:

With no owner for the franchise coming forward there will be no Ottawa for a couple of years. They also have to fix the stadium before any team plays there.

I think the question should be "Are there enough coaches and quarterbacks to make another team worth while?"

Time to give up on the Ottawa dream. Keep 8 competitive teams. Cut the playoffs back to 4 teams with no crossover and build what we have. Reports out of Ottawa leave me thinking that the civic govt has no use for football. Oskee Ouch Ouch!

It looks like it will be fight to get a football team here. The civic minded folks in the Glebe would love another park to help increase their property values... :cowboy:

i don’t think a team even should play there. they have failed twice why bother going back again?

Did you hear about the owners that came forward a month or two ago? The ones that were looking to include a revamp of Frank Clair Stadium as part of a redesign of Lansdowne Park?

I honestly hope it happens.. they need to really work hard and convincing the fans that this team will work out.

it's a shame that last owner was such a jerk.

They need to do it right.

I think they can.

but we need a 10th team too.

Which season do you expect they will play in?

Maybe Casey Printers and Greg Marshall, or else maybe Gregg Marshall.

they are supposed to be playing the '09 season, if the brian williams segment was any indicator.

Sure hope so!

the DON as coach, with maas, dickenson ( if hes still around by '09 ), palmer, or one of BC's qbs would be a good start.

It's nice to see some optimism here. Thanks, people. Seriously. :thup:

I know the Saskatchewan people will jump all over me, but what about Shivers & Barrett. They did a rebuilding job in Saskatchewan, and after 5 years we can fire both of them and hire another GM and Coach to put them over the top.

Im pretty sure Shivers is retired, he said the Riders would be his last go in the CFL.

But Barret would not be a bad choice.

I know who I would choose to be the president. Tom Wright.

I think we need a team in Detroit, Portland, Anchorage...

John Hufanagel as coach
Tom Wright as GM

When the name came up the first time, I thought it was a joke. Are you guys serious about Wright?