Who will challenge MAAS next year???

Not our existing backups- no cfl experience.
lack of talent.

Who then? We are paying MAAS 350K, Can we have
another high priced cfl experienced QB in camp
next year? I don't think so.
And the new GM is a strict salary cap follower.
So we will be experimenting with other cfl clubs
backups and nfl castoffs until one shows better
than MAAS.... HAVE A NICE YEAR! :thdn:

IF they bring in another high priced QB, they'll only keep the best one anyway and cut the other one (and their salary).

I say cut him, toronto has micheal bishop and spergon wynn and they can't keep both, both have proven talent, and wont cost like 500k then let either of them duke it out with eakin and williams for the starter. then if one of them plays good sign them for big dollars but not right off the bat. personally i feel micheal bishop would be a good qb, he can already throw further the maas, he didnt really have a chance in toronto, when allen went down since austins offence was based around allen not bishop, as for wynn, he looked promising in BC then got hurt in winnipeg and never really got a chance to show what he could do, so in my opinion get one of these guys from toronto and work them into a good qb for the years to come

Wynn seems to want to stay in the CFL, but Bishop has bolted to the Arena league once, he is not what Hamilton needs.

I think Bishop was picked up more for insurance than anything, if Wynn got hurt with Allen already out they would be up the creek without a paddle. That is why Bishop was called and resigned. Wynn is going to stay in Toronto.

Being such a small league there isn't much out there. Only people I could ever see Hamilton getting would be...

A) Neelon Greene
B) Buck Pierce
C) Michael Bishop (maybe)
D) Rocky Butler

All of whom can play given the chance, all solid back ups which will not come cheap.

Believe me, you don't want either Bishop or Wynn. On a good team, they might give you .500 seasons (which admitedly, in the Cats' case would be a huge improvement). On the present Cats roster though, they wouldn't be any better than Maas. If you're building for the long term, the Cats should look elsewhere.

Printers will be back eventually--get his rights now. If they wait until he's released, his rights will cost more. Pierce is about to re-sign with BC so he's out. Greene is a back up at best. Butler may be ok but not a star quality guy.

An Argo fan

You can only get his rights until the end of this season, after that he becomes a Free Agent.

No point in getting his rights.

"If he (Maas) isn't the starter then
obviously we have to look at other options
as it relates to him staying here
or him going somewhere else.

But that is all premature right now,"
the Cat GM said.

What Marcel appears to be saying is

A. Reduce his salary if he doesn't
clearly earn the starters job.

B. Trade him during Training Camp?

The only value of threatening Jason with
the loss of his starting job is fan appeal.

A. Will Marcel begin negotiations about
his salary reduction after the season?

Something like that has to be
settled in the off season.

It won't be...trade him now.

B. TC? After he loses his starting job?
When his value is at it's worst..NOT.

Teams will give us very little in return
once Training Camps are underway.

I say, trade him for the best experienced QB
available after the season. [Dave Dickenson?]

Don't be too quick to throw out the baby with the bath water.

   He had to work with a  Joe Paopao's offensive scheme and some 

not-so-diligent receeivers.

   I know some his passes were too high or too low and that could be an injury that could shorten his career as a QB but, other passes were excellent.

   Joe is gone now and there will be  lots of  receivers looking for a job in May.    
   By all means, bring in some QBs next spring.

   But remember Anthony Calvillo and Damon Allen wern't very good 

Ti-Cats for the short time they were here.

I really think that Bishop could be a real star as a starting qb in the CFL - now, not back a few years ago when he was young and didn’t understand the game, but now I think so, I would go after him and he wouldn’t cost as much as Printers would, although have to admit I’d love to see Printers here.

Who will challenge Maas next year? Anyone could, based on this years performance.
My suggestion is:

  • get rid of Maas and Eakin ASAP
    -keep Richie Williams to develop the potential he seems to have
  • go after Buck Pierce or Casey Printers

As for expense....what could be more expensive that paying 350 grand for what Maas has done this year?
Heck....I could have saved the Tiger Cats 250 grand this season. I could easily have played that badly too but would have been happy with 100 grand for the season. :stuck_out_tongue:

Questions about Maas I don’t know:

  1. Is he a leader enough, and I don’t mean raw, raw, raw stuff, but a true enough of a leader to be a starting qb in the CFL?

  2. Does he have the talent with the shoulder injury he has?

dont bother even thinking about buck. No way in hell Lions let him go. DD maybe.

Dave Dickson is Brittle to be The QB in Hamilton. Our Oline is Major Problem..
But it has Got Better since Coach Sal Has worked his Magic.

I like to see Bring In Nelon Green or maybe AC back to Hamilton..

A dark horse might be Eric Crouch. One time Heisman Trophy winner and now injured backup on the Argos. In his limited action this season, Darren Flutie saw enough to say that he has the tools to play here. He's currently out with a shoulder injury but he's still young with lots of upside. He's mobile and has decent (but not great) arm---probably no worse than Allen at this stage of career though.

The Argos seem to like Bishop for some reason, so they might be willing to deal Crouch for one the Cats backs to replace Ricky Williams in 2007.

An Argo fan

I would not deal with Argos
We always Get Short end of Deals with them


If you judged every player on this team this season, we wouldn't have many players left. If Jason was a career Cat would we be more willing to give him another chance???

Well all you guy's have different choices
to solve this problem but with your choices
2007 will be up and down trying to establish
a winning combination at quarterback and we
will probably miss the play off's.
I say trade Maas now! and send Craig Smith
casey printers good friend down to talk
to him and tell him he would get just as
much pay playing for hamilton as we would
roughting away on the practise roster.