Who will be Western Champs ?

Initially I had hoped to see the Riders in the Final because of all the former Cats on the Roster..But the classless behaviour of DJ Flick both on and off the field has changed my mind...I Pick the Stamps to represent the west...

BC Lions I Hope Can't Stand The Riders.

I would love to make bets with you when it comes to sports.

I want the stamps to win...Don't know if they will...

I commented solely on your response to your question. You asked Who Will be the Western Champs, which asks for facts, not bias'. Anytime you want to make a sports wager with me, I'm all ears.

So sorry, Zebo the Stamps aren't going to make it against the Green Riders, who "rested" Cates, KJ, etc this week, and still pulled off an OT win against Edmonton...

Now can "Gang Green" beat Buono and the Lions is a much riskier bet...(but I sure hope so!)

The Zebra's seem ready and willing to team up with BC on the on field calls when BC gets so terrbly undisciplined, and the League and/or Black seems to have one on for Tillman, Austin et al, with the fines and punishments that are not, apparently, applicable to Wally or the team on the left coast...

But if it was all square, and both teams on their best play (which the "sportsman" in me simply hopes for on Game Day), "heart" goes with the Riders...

In spite of the shambles shown on air last night, Wpg should be able to whip the hated Argo's, once they have Canada, Brown, etc, back in the line up...and should not have that much difficulty in beating the Larks, who will suffer without AC at QB...as the Argo's lack offence, Wpg should logically win out the East...

Which leaves us Sport Select types at picking the West to win the Grey Cup...



Winnipeg in the East, making it an ultimate grudge match: Banjos in November! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Is this an offer for anyone? lol

Bc hands down unless Sask sneaks in there on the edge of thier teeth!

Go Riders Baby!

Actually I don't see anywhere in the question where it asks for facts.

BC is my first choice. I can't say who my second choice is lol. :wink:

I agree that the Cup goes west again this year. Were I to be a betting man which I am not, my money would be on BC.....but I would be hoping against it. Would be nice to see someone different win it this year, getting a bit tiresome to see BC as the top team year in year out (unless you're a BC fan, which I am not).

You're right, you can't! :twisted: GO BC! :wink:

I can certainly agree with this perspective zebo. Flick has soured my milk as well. But the Stamps?? Let's not get carried away now, lol!! Here's to BC repeating (least of all evils for this Esk/TiCat fan). :thup:

The Riders have a lot of guys who disappear in the playoffs...like Flick and Joseph. They will go down quick, then there won't be enough beer in the world to drown the sorrows of Rider Nation.

I'm not sure where the "classless" comment came from but come on, it was a TD celebration and poked a little fun at the team that let him go. Be the bigger man here and agree you would have done the same......cause you would have. Plus DJ did appologise after the game and agreed it was bad judgement but when it's game time, it's game time.



I would have to say Calgary !!!!

BC Lions...again.