Who will be the starting Receivers??

Well who do Ti-Cat fans like in camp so far at receiver, who looks good in camp so far and who do Cat fans think will be the starting players, obviously the vets like Fantuz, Stalla, Grant, so on but who also looks good enough to win a spot on the team?

I guess a lot will show in the upcoming preseason games in Montreal and back in Guelph for the second might tell us more?

Giguere obviously

I'm anxious to see how he does in the slot.

They're not going to dress Fantuz, Giguere or Grant for this Thursday's game in MTL.

As far as who I think will start the regular season from what I've seen at camp ...

Fantuz and Giguere are locks to start. Grant as well as long as he's not injured. Onrea Jones will start. Fantuz and Grant as slot backs. Giguere and Jones will switch back and forth between slot and boundary/short side WR.

Battle for the Z spot/field side WR is between Justin Hilton & Ellingson. Ouslet Volcy will see time at this spot as well in addition to his return duties.

Stala is in a battle to backup Andy & Sam. He's in tough against Charbonneau-Campeau at the position as well as guys like Stephenson & Delahunt & Dell as far as the ratio and being able to contribute on specials. I guarantee he won't start & I think he's on the bubble as far as making the team.

the first pre season game is always a place for the rookies then cuts the second is when we see the men

I agree with FenderGuy but not entirely .

I think Justin Hilton & Ellingson lead for the Z spot/field side WR however McCREE and Leong ar still in the conversation especially is they play well in the Montreal game

I Agree Stala is in tough but we need hios clutch ability and this he will make the team despite the fact that he won't play specialty teams .

We're on the same page as far as the Z spot Gerbear9. McCree & Leong Jr. are still in the conversation but I think it would take a combination of Hilton &/or Ellingson showing very poorly & McCree &/or Leong showing extremely well. And don't forget or sleep on Volcy.

Lets face it, I think there's only 2 spots on the active and maybe/perhaps 1 spot on the PR for the 5 of them. Volcy gets a leg up on making the team/roster spot since he's in the mix returning kicks. He can be the primary KR and back-up import WR/SB.

I say Volcy & Hilton make the 46. Ellingson goes to the PR. And as far as Stala, I'm going to boldly predict, and get a lot of grief here because of it, that he gets cut.

as far as the Z spot goes ...i think Pre season games OUTWEIGH the training camp..Austin has indicated that you cam look good in practice butthe real players play on game day.

Hilton &/or Ellingson would be forgotten pretty quickly if either has a bad game and LEONG or McCREE has great games /

My prediction is Ellingson ,and McCree make the 46 and it with Leong on the reserve list .

Here is the reasons I think STALA son't get cut :

There is not any outstanding young canadian players about to lose a spot if Stala makes the team .
He is arguably are most experienced and reliable receiver
He is a leader
insurance for Gigure as he is still young and unexperienced and could flop . Stala us very clutch and reliable and come in if Gigure falters .
He can mentor some of the younger guys
He runs excellent routes and had great hands
He's only 33
He can punt in a pinch

He is a fan favorite and hamilton Boy

My prediction is Hilton & Volcy make the 46 with Ellingson on the PR.

As far as Stala goes ...

I would argue Fantuz is the most experienced receiver on Hamilton's roster. Interestingly enough they've both played the exact same number of games ... 94 ... Even though Dave has been in the league 3 years longer. Even at that, in those same 94 games played ... Fantuz has 361 receptions for 5,282 yards and 35 TD's. Meanwhile Dave has 298 catches for 3,626 yards and 18 TD's. Andy is the teams' most experienced receiver.

Campeau-Charbonneau has a lot more upside potential than Stala and is worth a roster spot more than #88.
He is not and hasn't been a leader. Dave is and has been only concerned about Dave.
Yes ... He could be insurance ... Far too expensive insurance in my opinion.
Yes ... He can mentor ... But he hasn't and I doubt he will now that he's fighting for a spot.
33 is fairly old as a receiver in this day & age in this game. Now if you're Geroy Simon which he isn't.
Yes ... He's a popular local boy. Personally that's why I think he's been here longer than he should have been.
Unfortunately Stala is at least a step or two slow, doesn't play specials, and isn't a team guy.

He was/is a poor man's Andy Fantuz. Now that they have Andy Fantuz, there's no need for Dave Stala.

Release sooner rather than later ... Ad when that happens I doubt he gets picked up.

I don't know about that. I think we could use him in Montreal. We have one NI receiver and he's not very good.

Point well taken. Anyone who has to deal with Eric Deslauriers needs sympathy. And then when you consider he had the audacity to wear Big Stew’s #9 AND be the receiver of AC’s record breaking TD pass? Oh Mon Dieu!!!

Take Stala … Leave Deslauriers … Give us Dietrich.

One of the hopefuls, according to CFL Transactions - June 11, was sent packing without any mention anywhere that I saw -- IMP WR Justin Monohan from Portland State who wore #15 in camp. That leaves 5 imports -- Hilton, McCree, Ellingson, Leong and Volcy and 2 non-imports -- Le Marquand and Diston as the WRs in camp who didn't play with the team last year.

I'm with Hfx. You guys may not need Stala, but our NI receiver depth is pitiful and we could use him.

Back off. Get your own sandwich :stuck_out_tongue:

This is most likely going to be Stala's last season and I want it to be here. I can't say that I have seen anything that shows me he is not a team guy. FG, can you give us some examples of why you think that is true?

Just a collection of observations. I sit row 1 in box I and his interactions with the fans, which is what endears him to them I'll admit, is much more of a me, me, me thing than a team, team, team thing. I realize it must have been hard to not get into a lot of action last season, but in my mind you soldier on, keep your eyes forward and wait for your opportunity. You don't engage with the fans, who obviously want to see you play too, and show your frustration. But I guess that's just me.

Also, the hot dogging TD celebrations and mocking teammates in practice and spending more time talking with fans, once again all qualities that endear him to the community, all point to a "what's in in for Dave rather than the team".

I realize he's very popular. For good reason. He's good in the community and good with the fans. Guess its just a matter of preference.

I can't speak to his interactions with fans and showing his frustrations, but I haven't heard or seen anything bad about him from his teammates. I can't blame him for wanting to play. I want guys on the team who want to play. He seems to be the joker on the team and I think every team needs them. I guess it really is all a matter of perception because when I see him razzing the guys in practice to me that means they are close as a team.

He is great in the community and I hope he finishes his career here.