Who will be the starting Quarterback for the Toronto Argonauts

I wanted to make this thread in response to the fact that Chad Kelly will be absent for, at minimum, the first 9 games of the 2024 CFL season. This thread is solely to discuss who will be the starter during those 9 games, so if you have opinions on Kelly’s actions please go here

Currently, the Argos have 3 other Quarterbacks rostered;

Cameron Dukes - 25 y/o - 6’1 - 205 - Lindsey Scott College
Bryan Scott - 28 y/o - 6’2 - 220 - Occidental College
Hunter Raquet - 24 y/o - 6’4 - 225 - Colorado State Pueblo

They also have 5 Quarterbacks on their negotiation list;

Jason Bean - Kansas
Nolan Henderson - Delaware
John Matocha - Colorado School of Mines
John Rhys Plumlee - Central Florida
Matt Sluka - Holy Cross

I believe Nick Arbuckle is available…sorry, I’ll show myself out.


I wonder if the Argos are now desperate enough to trade with another CFL team. Ottawa, B.C., and Edmonton all have backup QBs with more experience than Toronto’s Kelly-less crew…

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you do bring up a good point send a draft pick Edmonton or Ottawa way for their hording of QBs lol…

Just want to add a few comments… With it being 9 games and 2 bye weeks your looking at atleast Week 12 when SSK comes to BMO before you will see Kelly. Also it’s good a decision came now that way you have a full camp to prepare for it rather then week 1 and now u have to rush around to get a QB and then get him up to speed with the playbook and such


You also have to consider the Kelly cannot attend meeting, practices or any other team related functions until the 9 regular season games have concluded. There is no way that he will be ready to be dropped into full action when he will not be in game shape, he will not have any chemistry with new players and he will not even be allowed to study the play book (even if he has one now, playbooks and strategies are very fluid and there will be a lot of changes by mid-season). If and I think this is a big if, he does return, I do not expect to see him on the field before the Argo’s 12th game.


…and there may be guys cut in training camps and mini camps as well. I’m betting that they have a few more names they are talking to as well. But you can only handle so may guys in mini camps and training camp.

Nice to see they at least have a bunch of options at this point.

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good point Narles i never thought of that

I have to think Chad Kelly will dress up as Chad Powers so he can break the rules.


Ottawa has some pretty good backups, but do they give one up with Masoli being a question mark.
Tyree Adams looked good but then he got injured early and gone for the season. Crum looked good but needs anther year at backup.
Brown looked good in Winnipeg.
Ottawa will likely wait to see what Masoli can do but I can see them releasing him.
The Argos could take Masoli

I agree; he seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle over there. All the talk is around Masoli, Crum and the trade for Brown. Frankly I thought Adams looked better than all three of them in his brief cameo (adjusting for the fact that Brown was playing on a vastly superior team).

Frankly, given Ottawa’s experience in bringing in hotshot backup QBs from out west (Jonathan Jennings, Nick Arbuckle), I’d sure be reluctant to anoint Brown as the starter.

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I vote for Chad Powers. My guess is they will go with Cameron Dukes, unless they trade for an existing QB

They definitely won’t trade Brown. I could see either Masoli or Crum getting flipped, though.

I believe Kelly is finished in Toronto. I’m sure nine games into the season, there will be teams desperate for a QB.Assuming he adheres to the counselling he is forced to do, some team will get him. The football field is scattered with carcasses of players who have done and said stupid things, and most of them find a place to play.


No, I don’t think so. He was amazing as a QB last season taking them to 16 - 2 and being named the CFL’s outstanding player.
If he was just a mediocre QB or backup then I can see them releasing him.
He does his 9 game suspension, goes to counselling and this incident is behind him. He could play another 10 seasons.

I just don’t know if fans will still except him as the face of the franchise. Who knows, I’ve been wrong before

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for what he did in the GC 2022 and throughout that season, I think he has enough talent to adapt quickly, and being so easy to make the playoffs in the East I think he can reach the conference finals in good condition, even if he does not train and play with the team that does not prevent him to train on his own, they can even hire some guys from the University to train with him and keep him in shape.

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That minimum nine games has me a bit puzzled. Almost like a probation period or something. If he doesn’t pass the Commissioner’s rules set out the penalty gets increased? I guess the Argo brain trust has a plan going forward. I can’t see this ruling blindsiding them, but there’s not many if any free agents QB’s out there on the street capable of coming in and playing at this level. Somebody mentioned Arbuckle, but is he better than Cam Dukes. There was a glimmer of hope when Nathan Roarke was released by New England but he’s been claimed again. I think he needs to play not sit on practice rosters. Ask for his release come up and play a couple of years for the Argos and become a better player. The NFL is talking expansion so he could get another shot and be better prepared by then. Dreaming, maybe, but it makes sense and I wouldn’t under rate Pelley and the clout of MLSE if they want to flex their muscles. If that fails and we muddle through this year with Dukes and Scott, then go after Tre Ford who would be a FA in the off season.

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I mean how many chances does he need. Gets kicked off Clemsons team, breaks into someone house when he was Denver Broncos after being at a party and then now… Just move on form Kelly and see what you guys have with Dukes.


They might move on after a legal settlement is made. Right now it’s complicated with what John Murphy allegedly did. They have to put out fires first and figure out how many people are going to be on the chopping block.


fair enough thanks for explaining… I mean the fire wont be put out until Kelly is gone lol

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