Who will be the Riders' #1 QB in 2008?

Who will be the Riders' #1 QB in 2008?

Not much of a poll when out of ten guys listed, 8 of them will not be playing for the Riders this year....
I voted for Durant.
I think it may be between Durant and Jyles.
Though Crandell may for the moment be pencilled in.

Really? You don't think ET will make another move? I can't see the Riders' not bringing in atleast one new QB.

Crandell IS the starter...

Tillman has already verified that.. this topic is a waste of computer space..

cflisthebest's opinion is usually the bigger waste of computer space.

I voted for Mike McMahon becuz that is the most logical and forseeable answer.

haha. Cflisthebest, I'll believe that come June.

edited for obvious reasons

I posted this yesterday.
It is old news to me.

None of the guys on that list.....

..who gives a rat's behind what ET said on the radio.
Of course Crandell is the defacto starter now.
Doesn't mean squat.
If you think ET was going to trade KJ and in the same day state that Crandell's job wasn't safe.....?
Might as well have announced we had released him and get it over with....
Crandell won't likely be here next year, so don't be stunned if by years end, if not in TC, he loses his job.
But it is his to lose...

I voted for Crandell.....

:lol: :lol: :lol:


I peeked at the thread on the main forum! :lol: :lol:

Why such a long list? Some of those listed are UNDER CONTRACT TO OTHER TEAMS!

I know a guy that knows a guy that might have said something about ricky ray. This guy is a scout for a western team by the way.

ET Trade for somebody please!

well, theres no way your getting Glenn for 2008... if taman somehow blows up and lets him go then mabe in 09.. but i really doubt that will happen...

mostly because milt and juran will be retiring, and thats over 300 000 in cap space, and after this year, guys like malbrough and malveaux will be expendable... because of the young DB's we have and the progress theyve been making.

there is all sorts of moves taman could make to keep kevin that wont hurt the team very much at all. so i highly doubt kevin will be leaving the bombers. i guess you guys need some kind of light at the end of the tunnel though hey...

And you wont get Dickenson from Calgary either.....

It's Crandell right now, but it could easily be one of Tate, Jyles, or Durant when the season begins.

Tate, Jyles And Durant?

What have they done?

Didn't one of them spend the entire season on the practice roster? Nobody goes from the practice roster to the #1 guy.

KG to Sask in 2009! :lol:

Does anyone know any of the names of the QB's that are on the 'riders negotiation list. I understand that is usually not published by if my memory serves me correct, Tillman broke with that tradition and made that list public.