Who will be the next President?

Your guess is as good as Johnny’s. Will Larry Smith return?

Ex Alouette player or staff member.

Not a fan of dancing Danny but as president he could make the french media happy.Larry Smith returning would be great but why would he other than to help return the Als to there Glory.

I’d prefer no retreads. Get a young, motivated bilingual candidate who understands the importance of rebuilding the Alouettes brand and who is smart enough to let the GM handle football ops (no meddling).

If Vercheval could be lured away from RDS, he would be my first choice.

Maciocia s’était fait offrir le poste de président en 2016. Il l’avait refusé. Il avait même convoqué une conférence de presse pour s’en plaindre comme un bébé.

L’important n’est pas tant que le président soit connu du grand public, mais qu’il soit connu de la communauté d’affaire et qu’il soit bilingue. De cette manière, il pourra plus facilement nouer des relations avec les entreprises et les médias.

Would love AC…but he doesn’t speak french.

Maybe Edme could be interested again? Now that they have an owner it is still early January…

Yeah, I was wondering about that. Would they go back to the shortlist of candidates? Might not fly since Boivin likely had a hand in assembling that list and the new president may not agree with the direction Boivin took.

As tony said, I’d love someone like Vercheval in the role of president, but that seems like a very long shot.

For me nobody would bring more credibility than Vercheval… but I don’t know about his business acumen, contacts in the business community, etc… not to mention he has said in the past he was happy at RDS. Lapointe brought the business sided to the table, but don’t think he was interested unless he was part of the ownership group.
Their francophone ex-player status would be the perfect antidote to the disappointment many media & fans feel about not finding local ownership.

I do not want Larry Smith, that era has passed, but whoever it is… I want them front and center being the person speaking for this team going forward… let the owners slip back into obscurity, & let the GM do his job.

Ray Lalonde comes to mind.

A long shot for sure. But as we have seen, anything is possible.

Hey Montreal sports have dupped us before.I just remebered when Mario Tremblay was named head coach of the Habs.Nobody had a clue not even his radio show partners…So anything is possible and Vercheval could be just what the Als need.

Vercheval was very positive about the ownership and said that he would at lessen if they called him for the president job !

AC has no business experience, or management experience … not (IMO) a good candidate to be President … essentially the same if we are talking about as a GM

On Melnick in the Afternoon (TSN690) Ambrosie said previously identified candidates could well be back in the running for GM … but it will start with a President

Interesting … would certainly be new blood from the Alouettes perspective

Nah, they should hire Richard

Can’t say Len Rhodes would be my first choice as President, but if it’s him so be it.

He did well on the corporate end for the Eskimos, but was not popular with the fans as the guy who let Tillman trade Ray, and who fired Hervey.