Who will be the Next GM?

Nice story by Herb … after “breaking” the great, but imo not surprising, news that Khari has re-signed … breaks it into two groups

Previous CFL GM experience

  • Eric Tillman
  • Brendan Taman
  • Danny Maciocia

CFL experience but never a GM

  • Neil McEvoy
  • Geroy Simon
  • Danny McManus
  • Ted Goveia
  • Jeremy Snyder
  • Jean-Marc Edmé

Les informations de Zurkowsky valent ce qu’elles valent, mais je crois qu’il y a un consensus sur ce site pour dire que Maciocia n’est pas le bienvenu et que nous sommes ouverts à laisser la chance à un DG recru. Le nom de Danny McManus revient souvent ici tout comme celui de Jean-Marc Edmé, ce qui est une bonne chose. Comme Khari Jones pourrait être signé dès mardi (selon Zurkowsky…), le DG devra prouver à l’organisation qu’il pourra travailler avec Jones. Le DG-adjoint est aussi à surveiller pour qu’il puisse combler les lacunes du DG qui sera choisi.

McManus is an interesting option … he always had the air of a “football mind” when he played.

But the BC combo Herb speculates on would be interesting …McEvoy (24 yrs in CFL, 5 yrs as director of football operations - player contracts, TC & and travel logistics, scouting prep and talent evaluation for the CFL draft … Simon is their director of Canadian scouting and draft coordinator.

If Khari is involved in the search and the mandate is to hire the best person for the job, not the oldest or the one with the best boys’ club credentials or someone’s buddy, then I’ll be satisfied no matter what happens, really. In fact, I’m happy already, because you know what? Regardless of who’s hired, that person won’t have been hired by an effing Wetenhall. No disrespect to Bob W for the legacy he built in Montreal, but the past seven years were fugly. It says something that the best head coach we’ve had since Marc Trestman only became head coach after the league took control of the team.

Didier Ormejuste said on his podcast that Khari Jones agent is pushing hard for one of his client to become the GM. The 3 names that he heard where Taman Tillman and McManus and he said that he was told to keep an eye on McManus

Remember that scene from “Watchmen” where The Ozymandius throws the Comedian out the High Rise Window.

Also, a lot of activity around Ted Goveia. Assistant GM of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Bio:ed Goveia is back for his sixth season as the Bombers Assistant General Manager, Director of Player Personnel. Goveia first joined the organization in December of 2013.
Goveia plays a key role in scouting talent in both Canada and the United States, and works closely with GM Kyle Walters and Danny McManus, Assistant GM/Director of U.S. Scouting.
Goveia previously held the role of Director of Player Personnel with the Toronto Argonauts, as well as coordinating the team’s CFL Canadian Draft. He first joined the Argos in 2010 as an assistant coach after previously working for 15 years in coaching and recruitment capacities throughout the Canadian college and Canadian junior football ranks. Those experiences include time at the University of British Columbia (offensive coordinator in 2004, head coach in 2006), McMaster University (receivers, running backs, special teams, recruitment coordinator from 2001-04) and Mount Allison University.
During his days with McMaster the Marauders had some of the most-successful recruitment classes in their history and the team advanced to three straight Yates Cup finals.
Goveia held the position of recruitment coordinator at Mount Allison, his alma mater, from 1994-98 after playing offensive line from 1991-93. In addition, he also served at various times as the Mounties offensive coordinator, offensive line and defensive line coach. He eventually took charge of all administrative aspects of the football program in helping the Mounties set new CIS team and individual records. Mount Allison reached the AUS finals in 1997 and 1997, capturing the championship in ’97. During his days there Mount Allison’s players attainted a 92 per cent graduation rate.
In the junior ranks, Goveia was the head coach of both the Oakville Longhorns and Burlington Braves, leading the latter to three provincial finals. He also coached at Assumption High School in Burlington, another alma mater, and was a guest coach at Argos training camp from 2001-08.

McManus and Goveia are I think the 2 best candidates. I’d like one of them with Edme as assistant GM, who maybe need more experience in a bigger role before being GM.

Both these guys have way more experience than Kyle Walters had when he got the job in Winnipeg.

I’m kind of partial to the young crew in Hamilton. In particular Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is interesting but I prefer the 2 guys from Winnipeg. I’d like something like that:

Président: Patrick Boivin
GM : Danny McManus
Assistant GM + Director of player personnel : Jean-Marc Edme
Assistant GM + USA scouting: Will Lewis
USA scouting: Russ Lande
Canadien Scouting: Miles Gorrell
Director of Football Operation: Scott Flory

HC: Khari Jones
OC: Khari Jones
DC: Davone Claybrooks
STC: Marcello Simmons

Offensive Coachs
Kevin Glenn (QB)
Robert Gordon (WR)
Luc Brodeur Jourdain (OL)
André Bolduc (RB)
Marquay McDaniel (Offensive Assistant)

Defensive Coachs
Barron Miles (DB + Defensive assistant)
Ed Philion (DL)
Todd Howard (LB)
Khalil Carter (Defensive Assistant)

C’est pratiquement un dream team, mais tu as oublié que Khalil Carter veut être directeur-général et non entraîneur. C’est pour ça qu’il a été mandaté pour faire du dépistage qui s’est révélé très utile.

Tu as probablement raison, j’espérais qu’il veule retravailler avec Claybrooks mais c’est un nom que j’ai effacé et remis

One coach too many … I believe the cap is 11 coaches

To me Donovan did enough to stay. His unit started the season as a garbage fire but made some gains through 2019. And getting Alford really helped. Bede also seemed to stabilize in the back half of the season, and you have to think Donovan played some role in that.

I am open the fence on Donovan … Khari needs to carefully consider whether Alford’s success was because of/in Donovan systems or did Alford succeed despite Donovan’s system.

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Donovan didn’t return, for the reasons you mentioned. But I can live with him coming back if Khari feels that his performance warrants it.

Did not know that Kevin Glenn as a QB coach?

geez I can’t imagine any scenario at all to have Khalil Carter involved in any role with the Als. If they get rid of Slowik then Mike Benevides would be my choice.

I think it is very likely that Danny McManus is the next GM. By his interview on Sunday and through his playing days he seems like a very collaborative guy, not afraid of questions, and clearly wants to be a GM. Very likeable and his experience checks most boxes.

Khalil Carter est trop condescendant pour être coach. Les gars voudront pas jouer pour lui. Dixit un ancien coéquipier…

Apparemment, Pete Costenza est agent libre. Ce serait un candidat de choix comme entraîneur des receveurs.

Honnêtement je garderais McDaniels et Gordon. Ils ont fait un excellent boulot l’an passé avec les receveurs