Who will be the most improved team next season?

I know it’s way to early, but as of today, which team has made the best moves (or for other reasons) do you think will improve the most over last season? My vote is for bc.

The British Columbia Lions followed by the Ottawa RedBlacks.


I will wait until march/april before providing a clear answer to that, but I think it will be Ottawa

I think the Lions will be much improved this year and will host a playoff game. Their o line improved as the year went on and Campbell is a much better coach than the last guy.

In terms of pickups over last season this is how I see it

BC +6 (11-7)
Ottawa +3 (6-12)
Montreal +2 (12-6)
Toronto +1 (5-13)
Saskatchewan +1 (14-4)
Hamilton -1 (14-4)
Winnipeg -2 (9-9)
Calgary -3 (9-9)
Edmonton -3 (5-13)

So five teams will win 13 more games total and the other four teams will lose 9 more … where are the missing 4 games?

Good catch.

1 more to BC, 1 to Toronto, 1 to Ottawa, 1 to Edmonton

I think that toronto will be the most improved, I think BC will lgo farther, but if toronto gets 5 or more wins, they would be the most improved, they really have no where to go but up from here, but from the teams that didn’t make the plays off, bc and montreal will be in the play offs if they stay reasonably healthy

Assuming you mean losses that just switches the balance to 9 more wins and 13 more losses (every loss means one less win) … to even it out requires two less wins somewhere and two more loses somewhere.

As it is too early to tell. I’m the spirit of this Early prediction thread.
My vote is for Edmonton.
Milanovich & Thorpe know the CFL and players like the back of their hand on their respected sides of the ball. With them in charge along with that they have the least way to go to be a contender.
Milanovich also brought up some great points in the presser that sold him on taking the Job.
First, was the excellent upgraded & modern facilities that a pro football team should have. And will use that as a selling point to sign of design the top talent.
Second, The Eskimos are very relevant in Edmonton as a pro sports franchise. With a fan base that support the Esks at all times and are FTP fans as a whole.
I omitted Hamilton, Winnipeg, & Sask from consideration. Simply because I think that they will continue with the high success from last year with what they already have in place. Each of these teams are similar in that that they all only need to re sign a few key Free Agents each and/or replace lost one’s with equal experiences players at their level.

So the Eskimos at 4-14? I’d bet the Over on that one!

And I’d also bet the Under on the Roughriders at 14-4.

Are you making book by any chance?


Huh? 6-12 for whom? You had the Esks at 5-13 but you then needed to add four losses to make your numbers balance and I thought you added one to the Esks.


Misread your post.

Subtract one win from Montreal, one win from Hamilton, one from Sask, one from Toronto

That would leave your projection at:

BC (11-7)
Ottawa (6-12)
Montreal (11-7)
Toronto (4-14)
Saskatchewan (13-5)
Hamilton (13-5)
Winnipeg (9-9)
Calgary (9-9)
Edmonton (5-13)

Hmmmm. You know I’d still bet the Under on Saskatchewan and the Over on Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary.


If Ottawa can sign a quality QB and sure up a bit on OL and running back, they may surprise some people this year. Although, they never got respect when they made their Grey Cup runs, which is fine by me. Easier to sneak up on other teams that way.

Lapo and Bene have been around for a long time as HC & Coordinators & on the TV side.
So for the Oline & RB positions he knows who is who. Same with Bene on the defensive side of the ball.
As for QB. Its either gona be the young Arbuckle or his former guy Nichols likely.
So im pretty sure Lapo will bring that run first Offense that worked pretty well in Winnipeg.
So Lapo will be scouring for the best olineman and the best RBs. Im sure he has already generated a big pool of Olineman & RBs in mind. Covering all the bases.

After Ottawa cleaning house today with 10 players released I would have to say depending on who we get here as a starting QB, as well as free agent signings, and deep threat Receivers Marcel may end up pulling a bunny out of his butt. I wonder if Coach Campbell would have stuck around if he seen this coming,

Good save man, lol

I’ll go with the 2 biggest under acheivers from last year; Toronto and BC.

The coaching change alone in Toronto could translate to 2 more wins. Bethel-Thompson had a great year so if he can translate good numbers into points the Argos will be a better team and they can’t get much worse than 2019.

BC was picked by some prior to the start of last year as Grey Cup contenders ;D ;D ;D ;D. I never bought it but didn’t expect them to fall as far as they did. They have a team that should be competing for a playoff spot.

…After reading the prognostications from riderfan, I’d say he messed his green pants big time…Riders will struggle to make the last playoff spot in the west…/ …14 and 4…lol…what a load

With the exception of MTL, I think all the other teams have improved

They finished 10-8 last season, that will be hard to improve on with OTT and TOR improved

MTL lost alot of talent in F/A’s because of cap problems(Kavis Reed) and a late start with new ownership put them behind the Eight ball, Wilder won’t replace Stanback, but they have VAJ and HC Khari Jones