Who will be the Leading wr

Who do you think will be our leading wr the end of the season

my picks are talman Gardner with 1105 if maas play the most

if timmy chang play brock ralph with 858

Your predictions are 1105 and 858? I think 1106 or even 1107 is more like it and Ralph might get 854 tops, but not 858!

I'll bid $1 Bob.... :lol:

Anyways, I think it's hard to say this early, but Gardner and Ralph are the best bets.

I'll say, assuming our offense stays on track:

Gardner: 1076 yds 7 TDs
Ralph: 978 yds 5 TDs

gardners ballin

We have to start McCants ASP, this guy can get TDs.

mccant is fighting gardner for a spot, tell the pretty boy to take a seek its talmans time buddy

I think that you have it wrong when picking who Maas will go to if he continues to be the QB. He WILL without any hesitation go to Ralph.

What , no poll?

it could be imho Jesse Lumsden if he were playing slotback.