Who will be the last team to be 100%

who will be the last team to get beat and why

Edmonton is looking real sharp out there, but the BC Lions or Montreal Al's will beat then sometime this season. Same goes for BC and Sask.

I think there is a good chance the Eskimos and Riders could lose this week, so I'll say B.C.

B.C............they are really good.......and will have played less games [less of a chance to lose , than the other teams] :smiley:

.........I gotta go with BC as well.........I believe the EEs will have their hands full with an Als team bent on beating the crap outta anyone after the debacle in Ottawa and I think sask will bow down to the argos in TO so that leaves BC in what should be a fairly easy game against the gades.......

Sask and Edmonton will lose their first one this week. BC Won't loose until they meet Edmonton.

My beloved Riders will not lose until 2010 after a run of six Grey Cups then they will jump to the NFL and win the Super Bowl then jump to NFL Europe and beat Iceland in a much closer than you would think final- McCallum 0 for 5 kicking!!!!
Riders Rule
Esks drool!


I'm also gonna say BC. Only because they're against the Gades, while the Eskimos are against the Als, and the Riders are against the Argos. And of course it isn't the Riders that will go undefeated for the longest time. They're against the Argos. :slight_smile:

Im Going With The Riders here. I know there up against the defending grey cup champs. But I still believe the Riders will go 100% for the longest time.

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Acturally, I can’t run, but a nominate Turkeybend in my place.

guess it'll be the Lions. Picked Esks and Riders to win this weekend but didn't so that leaves the Lions as the only unbeaten team. I know it's only week 3.

not really fair though....the esks and riders were 2-0 and now the lions are 2-0, the time is longer....but the original question shoulda been who will win the most games being undefeated

well, maybe the Esks and Riders should have asked for a bye week early in the season. LOL. The Lions win cause they had the tougher team to face in week 1. just my opinion.

B.C..... is still undefeated and play the ARGOS at their home , next.........if the ARGOS wait until the end of the game to win.....B.C......will blow them out...............BUT..........it should be a great game.....and.... B.C. are due for a loss.......It is really hard in the CFL....to beat the same team 2 times , so close in the sched...........almost impossible when they are back to back games........

how about who will be 100% in the loss column the longest, looks like the bombers or cats left for this dubious honour.

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Anyways... The actual results of this poll......BC