Who will be the first to be fired/cut in Argoland?

If the Argos get creamed again in their next game, I predict heads will roll, to send a message to the team that “if you don’t perform, you could be next.”

I predict it will be James Franklin. What do you think?

I picked Chamblin

Popp becomes HC by week 6

Their next 7 games are against west teams

In Boatman Land its called who is first to walk the plank. :frowning:

Can they fire Trestman a second time?


Same here. He reminded me of no one other than Cleo Lemon.

Overreaction Sunday.

LOL . That will be something if they do get creamed in their next game . Can you imagine the uproar if the Riders destroy them with a career 2nd stringer and player that Toronto gave up on in one Cody Fajardo ? :o

Oh and if you haven’t already guessed my vote is also for Franklin or the “Super Flake” as I’ve nicknamed him and like to refer to him as. Now saying that I’m not sure that Super Flake will be outright released but I can see him getting some splinter time riding the pine if things continue going south for the team in a hurry .

Remember that time when the Argos had the most successful CFL head coach of the past decade locked into a contract, and they fired him the year after he won them a Grey Cup?

That was funny. Popp is an idiot. They deserve everything that happens to them until their next house-cleaning from the GM level on down.

The ironic sequel to Overreaction Friday last week.

OK,I want in for over reaction Sunday.

Daley is more valuable to the team as a Special Teams dynamo and back-up Safety than a starting Safety.
I am absolutely loving him on the teams. Great effort, high energy, great pro!!

Cats boast the deepest receiving corp in the league.

With Breaux, Brooks and Simoni all on the same side of the defense teams will game plan to stay away from this trio.

I’m thinking that a few teams didn’t look strong in their season opener besides Toronto. Calgary lost, neither Saskatchewan or Hamilton looked good, and even Ottawa, despite winning, was stumbling. Calgary hasn’t played again, but the other three bounced back.

Let’s see what Toronto and especially Calgary do in their next couple of games, before etching any epitaphs. And surely Jim Popp has learned his lessons on stepping in as coach? Please?

Popp seems to only have success when he inherits a Hall of Fame QB. He had that luxery in Montreal with Calvillo and again in Toronto with Ray.

Yet with both the Als and now the Argos he has left these teams in shambles by failing to secure the logical successors to Calvillo and Ray.

It would seem that Popp as GM is the chief architect of these teams imploding. If Popp ends up firing Chamblin then that would mean that two Grey Cup winning coaches couldn’t right the Argo ship. Popp would then need to have a hard look in the mirror.

Franklin was so bad yesterday…I picked him as the first to go.

However Popp may find it impossible to pick out who to cut because the whole team tanked. They were all as bad as each other.
He’ll probably have to let them all play one more game and hope he can see some keepers.
If not he may be gone by next week.
GM’s are probably easier to find right now than good experienced players. Ricky Ray?

Lol, priceless.

Toronto Argonauts. The team Ryan Bomben plays for.

That’s not the same Ryan Bomben that used to play for us , is it ?? ;D

Gutted the O line in that ill conceived trade. Just now beginning to pick up the pieces. Can only pray it works out over time.

You’ve been rubbing the Bomben trade in peoples faces since last year. So overdone.

You should at least move up to 2019. Maybe start dissing Larry Dean fans or something.