Who will be the first head coach fired this season

Not who do you think SHOULD be fired, but who do you think WILL be fired first?

I'm thinking that Benavides, Hufnagel, Chamblin, Austin and Milanovich are pretty safe, for various reasons.

I dont think anybody will be fired. Each one of these three inherited a different situation. Hawkins inherited a team which has been pretty strong for a long time. Montreal has started to lose a step over the past two seasons, and this team needs to get younger in alot of different positions. Popp should have known that bringing in a guy completely new to the league would have its growing pains. I do expect Montreal to be 8-10 this season as some of those growing pains will be worked through.

Kavis Reed has inherited a team without a strong starting QB. This team was set back 3-4 years last season when Tillman decided to trade Ray without somebody who was good enough to take over as the starter. Using Kavis Reed as the scapegoat in that situation is unfair, and I think Hervey knows realistically this team is 1 or 2 seasons away from being a good team.

Tim Burke has inherited a similar situation in Winnipeg. A GM who hasnt done his part in finding a quality quarterback who can last longer than a handful of games in a row, or a quality deep threat at reciever. Winnipeg has a pretty good defense when on its game.

Kavis Reed just got a contract extension three weeks ago. He's probably safe for this year due to that, as it'd look ridiculous to fire someone you just extended. He's also got a young team that will probably get better given some stability.

Jim Popp has the job security in Montreal after so much success that he could fire Hawkins and take a mulligan, but that staff is so big that a new HC at this point wouldn't be able to bring in his own people without it being hugely expensive. If they do fire someone, OC Miller is a more likely scapegoat, as Berry is already under contract and could step in. So I think Hawkins is safe barring a total collapse. (He also has the upside of the East being so weak that Montreal still has a shot at hosting a playoff game.)

Tim Burke has a problem in that the Bombers still have a lame offense (not Goltz' fault IMO), and now the defense has been dismantled two games in a row. One of them was by Ricky Ray, but the other was a third stringer. No disrespect to the great game that Mitchell had, but getting picked apart by him is not going to go over well.

Burke has an added problem in that GM Joe Mack only has one year left on his contract and is not exactly winning any popularity contests. That lack of job security tends to encourage people to throw someone under the bus to save their own job, and Burke is the guy closest to the bus (aside from Crowton maybe). Even if Mack gets fired before that happens, will Burke still be around by 2014 if a new GM comes in and wants to bring in his own coach?

Well, Reed just got extended last month so that makes it pretty tough to fire him.

Hawkins - or at least Miller - would likely have been gone yesterday if they had honked that Edmonton game. That goal line stand probably saved a few jobs, much to the chagrin of many Als fans. Now that the offense is starting to click more Hawkins may not be saved by a replacement of Miller.

I know that Burke is short on talent but the Bombers are really not playing very well lately. Coming out so flat after half time and getting run over in the 3rd quarter is a sign of being out-adjusted at halftime and reflects poorly on Bomber staff. And on top of that, regardless of whether Burke's doing a good job coaching or not, coaches are usually the scapegoats for GM's undertalented rosters.

I would think that both Hawkins and Burke will be on the hotseat circa labour day. Hawkins may have a saving grace in that Popp (for all his positives) can be stubborn and stick with his guy, but I would think that if either Hawk or Burke was 2-7 or 2-8 come September at least one of their heads will roll. Hawkins has better talent to work with to avoid that.

This (sadly). :thup:

I’m going with Reed. I hope he gets fired because he deserves a lot better than what he’s gotten from Edmonton. He’s not the best coach, but he is far from the only or biggest reason Edmonton is so bad.

Didn't LaPo get an extension just before getting fired?

By far and away, Winnipeg is a mess.
It's too bad with a new stadium and the great fans, they needed to be so much better this year.
Clean house yet again and fire Mack and Burke, as both are way over their heads.
Both are out of their league.
As for a replacement, let's do something out of the box.
Hire Matt Dunnigan as GM only and Dave Dickenson as the HC.

I voted for Kavis but only because he is the most senior of the group and not the worst of the bunch.

Out of pure curiosity, Pigseye, who do you think it's the worst?

For me it's pretty much a dead heat between the three of them.

I'd give it another game or two before making a determination on that. Right now, none of them are doing any worse than they did last season at this time.

I voted for Reed... contract extension or not, having a 1-4 record is not acceptable to the Esk management or the fans... they have high expectations and he is not meeting them, although I don't think they are as bad their record shows.

I tend to think Reed gets a pass. Next season he will have a great amount of pressure though. This club has fully embraced that they are rebuilding in 2013, and a playoff would simply be icing on the cake.

I voted for Hawkins. Montreal looks so much worse than last years team without any crazy turnover. They showed a few weaknesses last year in a couple of games, but were still the dominant Eastern team. This year they look awful.

I still think Burke and Reed are likely gone at the end of the year barring a turn around though. Neither is head coaching material in my mind. A good coordinator (you could argue Reed isn't even that) doesn't always make a good head coach (see Cortez, George).

Hawkins has an excuse, which is not being familiar with the CFL. The others have excuses that have been well documented in this thread.

I watched the Hamilton game yesterday, and have to ask: What's Austin's excuse? Why is he not on the list? Is it because he's also GM?

There was a graphic TSN put up during the game that showed 5 players on Hamilton's defense and their game experience. The total CFL experience of all five was 11 games.

This year is a pass for Austin.

He has more excuses than most. No other team has been remotely as devastated by injuries. They play every game essentially on the road this year. He also inherited a bad team. He's certainly going to get a pass this year.

That one graphic they aired that Tridus mentioned was really telling. The Riders least experienced receiver (Taj Smith) had more games played than the entire Hamilton secondary combined, and he only had 17 games experience in the CFL.

…Hawkins is the winner…

How does the 2-3 coach get fired before one of the three 1-4 coaches?

I don't get it either.
Especially in our weak East division.