WHo will be the first coach of 2005 to be replaced?

Okay first try at this poll thing.

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.NOBODY, The teams will ride it out.

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You forgot to add Dany Macciocia. If he attempts one fake punt at the wrong moment, BANG!

By the way, Don Matthews has a lifetime contract with the Als. It stipulates that his contract ends whenever he, and only he, says so.

Daley makes someawful desicions , hes gotta go.

But to stick with the question, I hope that Jim Daley will be the chosen one, for the sake of the Bombers and the CFL. Some guys are good coordinators, buts aweful coaches. Rod Rust is a good example of that.

Maciocia will probably last the season, but you know what the expectations are here in Edmonton. If we miss the playoffs he will be gone I would think.

Daley is the guy most likely followed by Marshall followed by Paopao if the Renegades falter in the second half. For right now Joe is safe though.

Joe never looked better if ya ask me.

Yah, But don't forget guys that the 'throwing Samoan' is working for the Gliebermans and the one thing the younger one likes to change more often than a cheerleader he's been dating (or used to) is the team's personnel.

Let's hope these new owners learned something but who knows. They have no sense of the need for stability and confidence among a team and its fans. Fans don't like to be around bad situations. It is a mob mentality. If things feel good about a team and owners then they will support them. If not, in some towns, the crowds disappear. Recall our days of 17 and 19,000 plus crowds here in BC when you had to practically make excuses to your friends why you would be buying a ticket to a Lion's game. All you'd hear is NFL blah blah.

If I were Joe, I'd hate to have Forrest Gregg looking over my shoulder. What does he know about the CFL - if you are old enough to recall not enough.

If these guys were smart and from their past in football, that might be a gross exaggeration, they'd do what it takes to make sure that all knew that Joe wasn't going anywhere and if things go bad he won't take the hit.

Thanks for the help R&W.

I thought about Paopao and the Gliebermans, but since they are winning…(for now) I figured Paopao would be safe.

Marshall will not be replaced. I’m guessing they’ll give him at least three seasons before management even considers it.

Hamilton’s problem is that they were too good last year. Rebuilding from a 1-17 team generally takes a few years, but since they did so well last year, everyone (myself included) expected them to be unrealistically good this year.

I couldn't be happier for Paopao, it's just that when you enter the season under the ultimatum of "win at least 9 games if you want to keep your job", it's tough to see that being a stable work enviroment. Let's say they win 10 or 11 but stumble and lay an egg in the playoffs. What happens then?

........I say you still stick with him.....there needs to be stability in the Gades organization for now and the players are obviously responding to Joe so why fix it if it isn't broke.....realistically, if the Gades make the playoffs, and why wouldn't they?, I'd say Paopao is a candidate for Coach of the Year......look at your preseason turmoil (cripes, you didn't even have a stadium to play in three weeks before the season started) and how the team has responded thus far and I'd say that is awesome coaching to keep the guys focused and prepared.......

R&W.. you are making way too much sense to speak like that when you are referencing the owners of the Renegades and what makes sense for the organization.

I wonder if the owners there realize how important stability and results both are.

Someone has brought in some very good talent to Ottawa and Joe Papao is doing a superb job in bringing this group together and getting the Ws. I have a lot of respect for Joe and Eric Tillman who was there in Ottawa with him.

Paopao doesn't want to win Coach of the year.....Look what it did to Marshall...LOL

And I agree with you that you stick with him. The problem is that it's not you or I or the Gades' fans that get to make that call. It's Bernie and Lonnie Gleiberman, and that's why I still say it's an unstable work enviroment.


Mind you, if Paopao can arrange a couple of dates with the cheerleaders for Loonie, he might get some job security.

I believe Taman should walk the plank first!

I agree, Taman gave Ritchie very little to work with and has done nothing to help Daley