Who will be the extra QB at camp?

Who will be replacing Harrell on the Training Camp roster?

I voted for Dinwiddie because the question asked is factual, meaning who do I "think" it will be, not who I thing it ought to be. The ties with Dinwiddie are just too strong (Taman, Berry) that I think it will be him, even though he would be the last one of the three choices that I would pick, left to me.

I personally really would bring Joseph back, at the right price of course. I don't believe at all that it would cause a quarterback controversy (at least not in the lockerroom - fans, that's another story), even if Darian struggled three games in a row. Miller stuck with Darian through every one of the 18 games last year and will do so again and will be up front about it. I believe that the only way Joseph or any other qb goes in is in case of injury - and Joseph will know that. I am quite sure that Joseph absolutely wants to come back and would know his role, Darian looks up to him and will also know his role so needn't look over any shoulders and we should have a veteran presence both for in case of injury. Joseph knows what it means to be a Rider; i.e. play with heart and that gets one a long ways ... to a GC championship, in fact ... even if he doesn't have (and didn't have) all the best QB skills.

I understand the downside of maybe not developing the young guns as quickly but, as said respecting Joseph, the young ones wouldn't go in unless injury to Durant anyways, or a token appearance in a blowout. So, really, how much extra development would there be anyways with or without Joseph? And if there is no injury, a veteran presence might actually foster more development, not less, albeit of a different kind. Conversely, if there is an injury, the team's principal objective this year is GC and nothing less, not QB development - the true objective is more likely to be met with Joseph than without if Durant is injured.

So there!

You have spoken well legalbeagle. Thanks for your perspective!!

I think that sums it up for me too.

I like EE's QB situation, mentoring ONE QB - Zabransky, while Maas is a fixture at #2.

Edmonton and the Eskimos love Maas, he knows his duties with the team- that HE will NEVER be a #1 QB again, and he handles this role with true professionalism.

IMO. KJ would be in the same situation here......except at a cheaper price.( thinks)


  • Most of DD's time here was a roller coaster ride , I'm sure his psyche can handle a 36 year old backup .
  • We lost our #2-3-4 QB's from 2009, so bringing in the highly touted or prima donna type QB can require high maintenance or they hissy fit and FO after we waste a year or so on development and $$$$$.

Look for the Riders to add Joseph if/when the young QB's don't step up in camp. That's the only way he gets brought in. If one or more of the young guys proves in camp they are capable of holding the #2 spot, I don't see either Joseph or Dinwiddie being brought in. And between the two, I think Joseph has a better shot at being brought in.

Well now that Graham Harrell is gone (which was a disappointment for me, because I went to Texas Tech and was a huge Harrell fan), I, just for the sake of having some kind of tie with the SK, Roughriders, and the CFL, (so that I can have a great reason to watch CFL football all summer instead of being forced to watch baseball highlights on ESPN) hope that it will be Todd Reesing. He is from right here in Austin, TX where I live, and I watched his career through the last 4 years at Kansas. (although kind of short), He is a strong competitor...and a true class act.

I'd like to see Reesing sign. He will be very excited about the opportunity and he won't bail like Harrell did.

However, if it weren't for Harrell signing....I wouldn't be a RoughRiders fan right now. so either way I guess it worked out.

I'm excited about the season getting underway....!

actually I take that back...

I chose to be a RoughRider fan before Harrell signed...then when he signed...that was just an extra bonus for me. But now that he's gone...I'm sticking to the original team I chose to be a fan of when I decided to start watching and following the CFL. The Saskatchewan Roughriders!

I guess I was just meant to be a Roughrider's fan! either way I will be a fan...but if Reesing signs, it will be an extra bonus (for me) (I guess).

Glad to have you on board stu

Go Riders

Has anyone heard any new news? Wasn't this person supposed to be named last week?

Coach Miller tweeted today they're having positive discussions with two potential QBs....

Taman confirmed your comments Artie, in his speech, as read on Rod Pedersen's blog.

How does anyone get hyped at a rookie QB prospect, especially when our PROVEN #1 guy is only 28 years old.

I can only think of one realistic scenario where a rook on our team should ever see regular season duty.

As long as DD stays healthy the backup QB should virtually remain unseen for many years.

quoted for truth