Who will be passing leader

Since we have the rushing thread, I figured I would stat this one (in all actuallity I am just wasting time instead of studying for finals, bad internet bad)

I figure Calvillo will take it. BC has a chance to take the team title but unless they only play one of Dickenson or Printers, neither will take the title

as for the poll, I could only have 7 so I did not include Greene or Joseph as I don’t see them having a chance to take it.

also if any one does not like me increasing my font size to 13 instead of 12, tell me now. I just think it is easier to read, I know Sportsmen has trouble, and well so do I. but I can stop if people don’t like it.

can u set that so ur quick reply is larger font?

you can’t set as far as I know, but just type size=13 surrounded by square brackets [] then type away and then after typing type /size surrounded by [] simple as that. u can do that for color= or bold ect. I

too much work

I highly object to your use of font size 13, the highest you should go is 12.35…

Why wouldn’t you have included Greene!!! I would think he stands a better chance than McManus, or even Allen for that matter. You guys have some decent receivers that he can get the ball to, and yes I understand that KK is a prime O weapon but you cannot exist solely on the run game in this league…

I didn’t include him, simply because I do not expect us to have both the best running game, and the best passing game in the league. Since we should have that rushing title, that should exclude Greene from winning the title.
I just had to choose, and that was what I chose

I’ll have to go with AC. Although it’s not a lock. Maas could put up some serious numbers if he stays healthy, and Danny Mac, with Brazzell on board, is always a big-yardage threat.

I agree that Mac can still wind up and toss a big bomb now and then, but to rack up a pssing yardage title you gotta be hitting mid yarders consistently and I don’t think he’ll stay healthy enough for that kind of marathon. Sure he might toss a 60 yarder, but maybe once per game, for each game he’s gonna be in.

Maas and Jones will vie for starter, and with a rookie head coach there’s gonna be some flipflop on who to start, especially if one QB doesn’t shine right away. Edmonton has dangerous receivers yes, but this QB Challenge will leave both Jason and Khari behind in the stats.

I agree with Redand White 100% about everything. Greene will have just as good a shot at it as anybody else. He’s got lots to prove and he’s gonna get it done.
As far as Mac he definetly will not win the title. If there was a clear starter in either Edmonton or BC they would have the best shot. But hey lets not count Calvillo out either. Even though I think he’s going to start goin down hill from here.

I wouldn’t be suprised if Maas took it, as long as he starts teh full season. ( I guess it depens on how much they run with White).

Good luck on your finals Billy

why do have finals already?

This is usually when they have finals during for College/University. They don’t have scholl past April. I am assuming Billy is in College or University

correct U of S. had the first one today, can’t say it went as well as I would like. 3 more to go and then I’m off to the bush in BC to work for the summer, and you guys will be rid of me, at least untill late july or so. So get your kicks in me when you can, cause when I come back the Riders will be winniing the West. wooooo. With finally signing Moore, as long as Greene can get the ball to the recievers even somewhat, I don’t see how you can stop us, wooooooo

Go Riders Go
I bleed Green

MAKE SURE… you take a good axe and a mac with you, Billy Soup, if your going to the Wildlands. Things can get a little dicey ,even in the summer, in’ B’ ig ‘C’ ountry…lol Hope you don’t miss any of the big games. :lol:

where in BC?.. like the Prince George area or southern BC… Canada isnt like the US cause when you say like Ontairio it’s alot different then saying Washington… we’re bigger in every way except nuclear :smiley:

where in BC?.. like the Prince George area or southern BC… Canada isnt like the US cause when you say like Ontairio it’s alot different then saying Washington… we’re bigger in every way except nuclear :smiley:

o ya… forgot about the poll… ummm i think that if someone starts the hole season in BC then whoever does will win… but i think that realistically either Mass or Calvillo has the best chance… Calvillo has arguably the best recieving core in the league but hes goin down hill, and Mass has put up some huge numbers when hes healthy, but if they do what I expect then I think that Allan can take it

this will be my 4th summer out in the bush being a grubby tree planting hippy, so I do sorda kinda now how to take care of my self, The only thing I’m scared of is the big scary girls in some of those back water towns we visit, they make saskargo sound like a princess… Last year an old timer set up a Satelite in camp so I didn’t miss any games. Not sure if he is back this year, I hope so. If not I will have to make the trek to the nearest bar or something to watch. Last year wasn’t so bad, I only missed the real bad games we played at the start, and came back when we started playing better. Still will be back end of July or start of August, so I usually get 5-6 games out of my season tickets. Well worth it.

and blazer, I am starting in Valemont, then later willy’s lake, and then deeper into the cariboo, and then probably up to Dawson area. And then there is the chance I will be out on the Island in August… So i guess mostly northern, but pretty much all over. which is why i just used BC.

ahh… man i hate not havin satelite, I used to have it and we got everything but now we just got crappy cable and we get like CBC and Global as the best chanels… stupid Shaw

I KIND OF GOT A handle on what tree-planting was all about from my son as he worked planting a block or two .After having enough of the wild country and wierd wild women he fled to Ottawa. Imagine having to pull for the RENS. Anyway it was quite an experience for him working the island and the interior. Good money but he sure earned it. I have some beautiful photographs of the Intereior, which he took, where nobody has ever set foot. Maybe you ran into him somewhere… anyway goodluck Billy Soup.