Who will be our top WR?

Just trying to get back into the swing of things now that the season is starting......been out of the loop too long!

Who do we think will have the best receiving year for us? Obviously I think Bauman is the front-runner but any sleeper you think may be really productive?

Basically, lets try to name your ideal 5 starting WRs.

I think French could be a very good receiver for us this year. Tony Miles has always been a reliable receiver also. I think that my front runner would be Bauman. I hope we have enough speed with our wide receivers but we may have to pick up one this season. I guess we`ll see.

FYI, Bauman is playing slot this year, not WR.

I think our four starters will be:

Scott Mitchell-WR
Ernest Jackson-SB

5TH receiver in passing situations:
Willie Ponder

At WR: Ponder and Woodcock
At Slot: French and Walker

Practice Roster: Lavigne-Masse, Rodriguez and Cohen
Cut: Woods

So you don't think Woodcock and French will be starting?

What is the good word on Mitchell/Jackson? I am completely unfamiliar with those two.

So far I've seen two different conflicting posts of who will start at WR so I assume I'm not the only one 'out of the loop'!

No, those are just differing opinions.
You wrote "out of the loop" in reference to this seldom used username you brought back today?

I like ticatsackattack's lineup.

Nah, I just don’t usually go on the forum. I am just trying to get a better understanding of what to watch for at this last game and during the coming cuts etc.

I am especially concerned about the WRs and hence my post. Thanks for the insight though.

Every play is a passing situation.

Second and 5 yards plus is a passing situation. That's when one of the running backs is taken out and an extra receiver (the 5th one) is put in.

Phail wrote,

Just trying to get back into the swing of things now that the season is starting…been out of the loop too long!

Hey Phail,

Its o,k to be out of the loop, thats what this forum is for, discussing football, giving updates to other members.

:D Cheers!!

I agree.

The only thing I will say is that I was really impressed with Woodcock last week. It wouldn't surprise me to see him slip into the starting line-up come week 1.

(If the me of two months ago saw me writing this today, he would've ripped me a new one.)

So have Mitchell and Jackson looked quite good in TC and in that first pre-season game?

Obviously they have if we're talking about Woodcock not starting potentially.

If Bauman or French are our best receivers, get out the pillow it will be a snoooooze of a season.

I would hope that we find at least one 1,000 receiver on our roster this year. Keeping in mind that I haven’t seen any of the training camp this year, I would venture that Miles will lead the team in reception yards.

Catches? Harder to say, but I hope that we see a slotback emerge as a go-to-guy for Casey a la Flutie and Moreale for Danny Mac. I expect that Chris Bauman will make a marked improvement this year. He has the physical tools to be an excellent possession receiver in this league.

Obviously there may be further developments if one or more of the newcomers (Ponder, Jackson, Rodriguez, etc.) stick and get into a groove. The possibility of Giguere coming back later this summer is a wildcard that wouls affect any predictions in that regard. One thing IS for sure: Lumsden and Caulley should be factors coming out of the backfield as receivers. Stretching defences with the 5-pack will provide opportunities underneath for our tailbacks. We shall see how it all develops!

Oski Wee Wee,

Blackandgold wrote,

If Bauman or French are our best receivers, get out the pillow it will be a snoooooze of a season.

I hope your wrong on the snoozing part.

Honestly, I dont what to make of our recieving corps. I dont think were bad,(its too bad about Armstead leaving)but whos going to be Printers go to guy? Does Miles have anything left in the tank? Maybe well get a surprise this season from a rookie like Lavigne-Masse or Mitchell. Im hoping the cats can pick a premier receiver down the line.

Tony The Tiger Miles !

Yup, gotta go with Tony Miles.

After last night's game, who do you guys think will make the final 5 receiver spots?

Sounds like French, Miles, Bauman are locks......Woodcock? Jackson? Mitchell? Cohen?

If only 5 and no backups, I'd say
S.Mitchell, Miles, Cohen, French, Ponder.

We haven't seen anything of Jackson, Bauman, and Woodcock has shown some good things, itd be a battle between these 3 for a backup spot.

From what Obie said on the fan this morning, they’re looking at 4 american starting receivers with a canadian coming in in 5 recevier sets. (but with a 5 receiver set being very prevalent)

i have no idea because i haven’t been able to get to a game yet but as a guess from the radio i’ve been listening to…

Bauman has been hampered by injuries and hasn’t been able to prove what he can do.
Masse has impressed with his progress
French has impressed
Woodcock has been better than expected.