Who Will be our Starting QB against Hamilton?

Guys~ things are uncomfortably silent. Has there been any talk about Lulay's health status? Jackson's status? Printer's status? I'm scouring the papers and internet and can find nothing. I cannot even remember how Jackson got injured and how long he would be out for. Same with Lulay. If the Lions have to go with Champion the writing is on the wall. In a few years with some experience and improved skills he'll do better but he is not ready for a playoff game.

If anyone can provide a source or reference to look at that would be great.

yeah, like whats up with our reporters? you hate to complain but they could try a little bit harder to cover the Lions - it should be the big story now.

Yeah. I've been looking but can't find anything... Just unsubstantiated claims on the forums that Printers is definitely out or definitely in... not so helpful.

Who care! Most of them are all sick and haven't a hope in hell...

If all our QBS can play, PARIS JACKSON TO THE RESCUE! hahahahahaha :rockin:

I expect we won't know until game time to allow Wally to have the ultimate surprise. :roll: Then we will defend that QB with our amazing O line and our D front four along with our talented middle linebackers will stop Cobbs to 0 yards. OOOOOOOOh the irony. :?

I hear Bishop could use some extra cash... lol

No 'Todd Marinovich' returns to BC threads yet?

Talked with a friend today who just read [Vancouver Sun?] that both Printers and Lulay should be healthy for semi-finals! Printers does not have a broken thumb apparently and it should be healed enough by next Sunday. Let's hope so. Also the reason the Lions' D was playing so poorly was apparently because of H1N1. Maybe there is something to that. But who can you believe these days? The D was not suffering from H1N1 when Cobb ran over them for over 200 yards rushing. Or was that both Cobb and Reid [Winnipeg]?

I'm just wondering if Wally is waiting to just before game time to announce who will be starting because there is some rule that says that a coach cannot announce [until game time] that he himself will be stepping in to play the QB. What will he do with his clip board and his challenge flags?

From Lowell Ullrich's Fifth Quarter Blog in the Province:

[i]Casey Printers walked into the room where their playoff fate was being shown, took one look at the sight of a handful of his former teammates in a boat celebrating after scoring a touchdown in Winnipeg and uttered words that did not seem possible only days earlier.

"Pack your bags. We're going to Hamilton," he said.

And the suggestion he plans on going with the Lions would constitute as even better news. The quarterback popped by Camp Surrey very briefly Sunday to let the club's medical staff know that the thumb ligament damage on his throwing hand is improving steadily and he should be available when the club begins its practice week Tuesday. No, the thumb is definitely not broken, as was initially reported, and though it's not perfect according to reports, it's definitely a positive development.

Heck, the Lions might actually have two healthy quarterbacks to face the Tiger-Cats Sunday as Travis Lulay said his shoulder is also improving to the point where he likely will be in a position to contribute as needed. Amazing what a couple of days and one rather large lifeline strung all the way from Hamilton can do for a team. [/i]

the stars are alligning

Wow! Excellent news Mr. Bigglesworth. So it is confirmed. No broken thumb! But only a week for jammed thumb to heal?? Sounds like Printers is being a bit optimistic.

wooo printers can play! and lulay will be healthy! woooo! our hopes are back, here comes grey cup! have faith! GO LIONS GO!

Poor Zac, what the hell was that? is he the qb for 5 yrs from now? Terrible luck for BC and their fans this year. What with swine flu and all it's just bad luck.
Looking forward to re-surging Edmonton vs. a Calgary team on their way down.
I pick Sask. v Montreal in the final but Edmonton could surprise. :smiley:

Pump it up for us GSF

Nov. 8th, '09

Has anybody out there heard anything new about Jarius Jackson's injured right shoulder? He was supposed to be healthy after five or six weeks; I understand he re-injured his shoulder last week in practice after attempting a long throw. Is he unavailable for sure, like Pierce?

My predictions for next week against Hamilton:

Most if not all of the Lions will be over the flu, so they'll give the Tabbies a much stronger game than we saw against Edmonton on Nov. 6th. Let's hope we can limit Hamilton's run game, the same way Winnipeg's D controlled DeAndre Cobb this week. Hamilton's defense looked impressive against the Bombers. Winnipeg's offence only put up six points. As for Hamilton's offence, Kevin Glenn was forced to run around a lot and threw up two picks. The game only became one-sided after Hamilton's D scored two 'quick sixes", gifts from Michael Bishop. (Memo to Bishop: You didn't learn anything from the first pick you threw. Why?) We'll see if Hamilton's D can put points on the board against the Lions next week.

On offence BC needs to be better at protecting whoever is the QB, and have to open holes for Mallett all game. The key to winning next week is consistently good play up front, on both sides of the ball. Somehow we need to inspire our interior offensive linemen, who couldn't get Buck six inches on the third down play that Pierce was injured on. So Valli, Haji Risoulli and Sorensen have to be better. If Printers or Lulay can get time, they can beat the Hamilton secondary deep.

Like most other games the eastern semi-final will boil down to which team can stop the run, control the clock, limit their mistakes and avoid dumb penalties. If we play like we did against Edmonton, it'll be a laugher by half time. If Printers and Lulay are healthy enough to play we have a decent chance to pull out a win.


i know it's already been said but i'll post the hamilton spec newspaper," Printers was throwing at the club’s facility Sunday, leaving Lions officials optimistic he could start in Hamilton" :thup: .