Who will be our QB next year

With the regular season coming to an end I am anticipating some movement around the league in terms of QB’s. Montreal will decide between Harris and Adams, BLM may become available because Calgary has an up and coming backup, Toronto will be looking to upgrade and so too will Ottawa. I have a feeling Evans may not be back next year because of Coach O’s loyalty to Masoli. Masoli may decide to go to the highest bidder. My preference is Evans staying because he is the future we need to build around.


Oh boy, you're opening a can of worms. Another thread for the Masoli complainers to practice their skills.

Who will be our QB? I'd say one of Masoli or Evans. If one does leave, I have a slight preference Evans stays with us and is our future #1. That's based on perceived future play.

I think cost factors in as well (which we rarely talk about on this page). I think both are equally capable, but whoever is cheaper to sign, obviously leaves more cap space to sign other players we definitely need.

If we don't find solutions to kicking, running and upgrade / diversify our recivers, I dont think it'll matter all that much who our QB is.


Evans will go to Ottawa and along with the Grey Cup.

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Things I think I know about CFL teams and their QB position for 2022:

  • Collaros will be the QB in WPG
  • Fajardo will be the QB in SSK
  • one of Adams or Harris will be the QB in MTL
  • Arbuckle and Cornelius will be the two QBs in EDM

Things I’m less sure of, but still believe will be true:

  • BLM and Maier will both be back in CGY. Maier is dirt cheap on a rookie deal and BLM will get at least one more year there although possibly at a discount from recent contracts
  • Reilly will be back in BC. Like BLM in CGY he too may take a small pay cut as he comes off another disappointing season, but Reilly wants to stay in the Pacific NW

What would be leftover if the above is true:

  • Teams: HAM, TOR, OTT
  • QBs: Masoli, Evans, MacBeth, the other one of Harris/Adams
  • it sure looks like HAM will want Masoli back, although my meaningless vote would be for us to bet on Evans
  • that’s 4 starting QBs for 3 teams looking and I really can’t predict who goes where. If by some fluke CGY bets on Maier and ships BLM East it gets really wild with 4 for 2 leftover.

Other random thoughts:

  • I think OTT goes with Caleb Evans and Duck as their #2 and their PR QBs so they’re only looking for a #1
  • I think Nichols and Dom Davis are looking at low paying backup jobs at best
  • all this gets even more confusing in the unlikely (just my gut feeling) scenario of Reilly and/or BLM and/or Harris retiring

So to answer the Q from the thread title, I think Masoli, I hope Evans, I haven’t completely ruled out Macbeth or Harris but I believe those last two are very low probability

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That would be stupid by the Ti-Cat's management.

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Evans is the younger guy and has shown that he can lead a team to the Grey Cup.


Well for nothing here is what I'm hoping to see for next season .

My preference would be for Evans staying with Watford as back-up .
As for Masoli I'm thinking he winds up in one of three places....either Ottawa , Edmonton or perhaps a longshot BC .

Honestly though I wouldn't bet a plugged nickel on any of this happening .
Personally I think the team would be absolutely NUTS if they allow Evans to walk in FA next season .


Hows about Gardner Minshew ?

Pat Lynch (just spit ballin')

Why would Evans want to be here next year? He has been shown repeatedly by the coaching staff that they don't think he is good enough to be the starting QB. If they don't want to start him this year why would they want to start him next year.

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I think it comes down to $$ which they sign. IIRC their contracts combined are no worse than other teams starting veteran QB because of how the incentives kick in.
I could be wrong.
Now, I also believe that Dane will jump to a good team (assuming a decent o line & receivers) to just about guarantee a starting role with that team. If that happens, then I’m hoping it’s a western team he signs with. Then I hope we sign Masoli because I don’t see an alternative.

So Dane wins the 2023 cup in Hamilton with TO, how wonderful :upside_down_face:

We don't know the internal arrangements within the team. Maybe Masoli told them he wants to finish this season and then retire and hand the reins over to Evans. Then Masoli takes on a coaching position with the organization. He has been in Hamilton for 10 years and might not want to move from this area. If Masoli and Evans are great friends then Jeremiah might make a good QB coach or Offensive Assistant coach.

It is all speculation but wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened.

So they are starting Jeremiah based on a sentimental last year with the team thing? I'm not buying that, they are starting him because they think he is better than Dane. If it's anything else the coaching staff needs to go. This is professional sports you start the player that you think gives you the best chance to win period. No mater how good a friendship Dane and Jeremiah have they both want to be starters and will go to a team that gives them the best chance at being a starter.

Maybe they see them both as equal and very capable but give Masoli the lead because of seniority. It works like that in most jobs. The starter would seriously have to underperform for a sustained amount of time to lose his position like Nichols did in Ottawa.

I believe we will know soon
I would think that one of Evans or Masoli will be offered a contract before Dec.31 to take advantage of unused 2021 cap from injury as our front office guys have done for the past number of years.
I would hope that they have already contacted Danes agent to start negotiations

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That's a great scenario. I hope it's right but I have my doubts.

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I see it as another Collaros/Calvillo move. They trade or release Evans and keep
Masoli( because Coach O loves Masoli ) and Evans has a great carear.
The only way to change this is to replace the HC.

[quote="Krisiun, post:14, topic:74868"]

The starter would seriously have to underperform for a sustained amount of time to lose his position



I hope they are both back in Hamilton next year, and I think that’s what will happen.

The Ticats have a great organization, with great leadership, facilities, and the best fan base in the CFL. Masoli and Evans both know that. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, as they say.


At some point the organization has to decide who their guy is going forward. Both guys have started and had some success in the league and both deserve to get paid accordingly. Salary cap pretty much dictates it will be one or the other. Evans has been patient and extended with the team for less than what he would have gotten
on the open market. It’s a short career for most guys so why leave a $400,000 offer on the table to stay somewhere for backup money?