Who will be our primary kickoff and punt returner?

Any thoughts ... I like the way Tre Smith played last year.

Oh, I don't know about Tre as primary returner. He's not bad but he didn't break a single kick off or punt for a touchdown. There are several guys coming to training camp who are returners as well, so I think we will have to see what we have. None of our returners impressed me as a real threat. Eddie Cohen did break one but he didn't do much else. I want legitimate returner that teams are afraid to kick to. Hopefully, one of these young guys coming to camp is that guy.

The new guy Cobb was regarded as huge return threat in college

If he makes threw Camp It will be Cobb Kid has Major Return Skills

Answer: The fastest guy to make the cut who has experience returning kicks?


:D :D :D

I am looking forward to hearing how Cobb does. I will bow to my Earl Winfield shine and hope that we finally get a gamebreaker to replace him as a returner after all these years!

Oski Wee Wee,

AMEN to that, Russ!!

I was going to go with "it's too soon to make that call since we haven't seen what any of the guys we just brought in can do", but that may be just a little too logical. :lol:

ok well i know most people didnt like him but give jo jo some credit, he was the best returner we had last year and did break at least one.

Have to agree
He also a Very good back up WR..
But I Understand why Ticats let him go .
They what guy who can Start and Return Kicks who maybe has a little more size to him