Who will be our new GM?

Richard, you being the one who is on top of the ins and outs when it comes to players, contracts, etc. Do you happen to have the list of Als free agents?

This year, the key difference is that a new GM will be signing potential free agents. So maybe we'll have a few more successes and a few less busts on that front (no Michael Sam, Chad Johnson, etc. please).

The League released the list for all teams today.


A few players that I thought would be potential free agents don't appear on the CFL list; I am thinking mainly about: QB Jonathan Crompton, WR B.J. Cunningham and KR Stefan Logan; Jim Popp must have re-signed them when he was still GM.


[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/12/01/alouettes-interview-gm-candidate/]http://3downnation.com/2016/12/01/aloue ... candidate/[/url]

Alouettes interview GM candidate
Posted on December 1, 2016 by Justin Dunk // 0 Comments

Redblacks assistant general manager Brock Sunderland interviewed with the Alouettes on Wednesday, per CFL sources.

The 37-year-old played an integral role in the football operations staff Ottawa general manager Marcel Desjardins assembled when the franchise came to be in 2014. Sunderland’s stock is high after the Redblacks upset Calgary 39-33 to claim the 104th Grey Cup championship.

He spent four years with Montreal from 2004-2007, starting as a regional and advance scout before being elevated to director of scouting. Sunderland then moved to the New York Jets for six seasons as a pro scout prior to landing in Ottawa. That NFL experience means the University of Montana grad has lots of connections down south. His father Marv is a college scout for the Tennessee Titans who has spent 40 years in the NFL.

Sunderland interviewed for the Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager position last year.

Grover should you hear of Maciocia being interviewed please don`t tell us. :smiley:

Warning: Don't follow Didier Orméjuste.


Didier Orméjuste @DidierRDS
Selon ce que j’ai appris Danny Maciocia a été interviewé hier pour le poste de D.G. #Alouettes @LCFca
13:19 - 1 Déc 2016

I don't have any problems with Danny Manioca being interviewed. Imagine the members of the media if he had not been interviewed.



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[i]The only good reason to interview him is to placate the media (as Richard suggests).

Now, if Maciocia does not get the job, watch him say he interviewed as a courtesy to the Alouettes, and that he didn't really want the job :roll: [/i]

I'm all for interviewing Maciocia if doing so will placate the media and the Ws aren't actually planning to hire him.

Perhaps the first time those two words appeared in the same sentence without "knows nothing about" before the latter

Good one! :thup: :lol:

The Earth Worm is out promoting himself.

[url=http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/danny-maciocia-discute-de-son-entretien-avec-la-ha-344119.mp3]http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/d ... 344119.mp3[/url]

When asked what is the first thing he would do to put the team back on rails this was his answer !

Ce serait de s’asseoir avec les six universités au Québec et de créer des liens avec elles. Les meilleurs joueurs au Canada sortent des universités de la RSEQ. D’avoir des relations avec ces entraîneurs-chefs peut aider le produit sur le terrain et ça va ajouter des partisans dans les estrades.»
That right there should be disqualifying, that is the cornerstone of his plan :lol: It shows he has minimal contacts in the NFL or CFL.

The only positive is that he states the Als will make a decision by the middle of December (2 weeks).

Then you have the old Hockey Ref who's playing the Nationalist card and says something as stupid as it is false. That the Impact has more content/connection with the locals ! How many Quebecers play for the Impact ? I guess Weithman is not French sounding enough, or Brouillette or Giguere, or Matte or Jourdain and on and on.

I wonder if the old Ref is going to contact the other Candidates like Abrams or Sunderland and ask them how their meeting went ? :wink:
I just hope Andrew Wetenhall isn't buying the old Canneloni the worm is pushing.

[i]Unbelievable! The guy is just useless.

The Alouettes scout those 6 Quebec University teams. Only a small number of those players are good enough to play in the CFL. They usually all get drafted. The Alouettes get as many draft picks as the other teams, no more and no less. How is this "relationship" he wants to establish, gonna send a ton of pro worthy players from the Quebec CIS teams to the Alouettes?

Johnny can't take another two weeks of this! :x [/i]

Have a little bit of Bruno. It will help.

Si mon bon ami Danny Maciocia ressort gagnant du processus d'entrevues et obtient l'emploi, ce sera tout à son honneur car il n'est définitivement pas seul dans la course.

Et si on devait lui préférer un autre des hommes de football mentionnés plus haut, je souhaite qu'on donnera le bénéfice du doute aux têtes dirigeantes des Alouettes, au lieu de les critiquer. Je suis persuadé que Wetenhall et son groupe feront leurs devoirs afin de choisir un candidat béton.

The problem is that this is the perfect time to play the Nationalism card. Hopefully Wetenhall is smart enough to see through it.

But Maciocia said they didn`t discuss the GM role, that it was more a general discussion. So I will take it as just a courtesy interview to Mr. Self Promoter to placate the media.

Also Fournier didn`t ask how long the interview was. That would have given an indication how serious it was.

I am going to play the optimist card and say that Sunderland will be announced as our GM late next week. And will keep in mind that he will not be a "saviour". He will also require a competent Asst. GM and Scouting Director.

I could accept it if they we're fans of the team. But they aren't. so it becomes propaganda.

The whole scouting team has to be overhauled.
Roster has to get younger
Owners need to solve the facilities issue.
Coaching staff needs to be confirmed or selected.

Lots to be done and every week counts.