Who will be our Kicker?

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Ticats set to go through kicking casting call (again)

[i]"Maher had two-thirds of a great season for the Ticats. After 13 weeks, he was third in the CFL with an 87.9 per cent accuracy rate on field goals while missing just one extra point. His 36.0 yard net punting average was good enough for fifth in the CFL.

But by the end of the year, Maher’s field goal percentage had dipped to 82 per cent, he was sixth in net punting and his kickoff average had fallen almost two yards a boot. In the East Semi-Final loss to Edmonton, Maher missed a 35 yarder in the second quarter in a game the Ticats would eventually lose by a field goal."[/i]

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[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/03/05/ticats-set-go-kicking-casting-call/]http://3downnation.com/2017/03/05/ticat ... ting-call/[/url]

Brett was clutch until we changed the holder on him

This is true, first it was Tasker until he got hurt, then Fantuz until he got hurt and I believe it was Mathews to finish the season.
Maher's punting out of bounds and kickoffs out of bounds penalties towards the end of the season were particularly costly.

SSK has 2 young NAT kickers in Crapigna (McMaster) and young Tyler Van Gylswyk, I wonder if a trade would work out?

Rights to Manziel for Crapigna. :thup:

Maher is worth another shot, he surely has the ability, but at what price? I'm sure it's about money.

Why trade? Makes no sense for Sask to keep 2 kickers on roster unless they're actually going to use them both during a game. One of them may be released, no trade required.

Because that is exactly what Sask. did last year (kept 2 kickers on the roster). One on the active roster and the other on the injured roster, hence the suggestion of a trade.

I liked Maher. Sure he made a few mistakes but so did Medlock and he was payed at least twice as much with many more years experience. I say bring Maher back. With another season under his belt and Tasker back as holder, he will only improve. :thup:

Not to go all “Abbott and Costello” on you but I totally agree with the title of this thread . Our kicker this year will be some guy named Who. Key positions on our team receive large pay cheques but the salary cap situation is such that a low priced kicker is required. No problem! Tillman will go out and find some guys named Who and we’ll get a new kicker. Last year’s guy (Maher) didn’t do enough on punts, onside kicks, and field goals to warrant another look, in my opinion and that’s the only one I got.

When Suisham went down for the Steelers, they were fine with a bunch of guys named Who. Tillman recruited and drafted Suisham for the Ottawas but he spent his career in the other league. Now it’s Eric time, again. If he doesn’t find Who, then What or I Don’t Know will do.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I too believe it is easy enough to find a who to be our kicker for FGs and kickoffs. I do not think it is that easy to find a who to do both well.
Looking around the league it appears to me that The Cats are the only team without a kicker.
So the Cats are the destination that all the best who's will want to sign with.
I am 100% fine bringing in Maher to fill this job. Cats can and are playing hardball with him. There is nowhere els that he can sign in the CFL and be a starter.
Tillman also signed Lawrence Tynes with Ottawa Renegades years ago as a who. I believe he did not punt.

Meh, that presumes that they'll do the same thing again, which isn't 100% sure.

They've signed so many players that it will likely come down to economics preventing them from keeping someone around for no reason. I see no sense in giving up any kind of asset (unless it's for Crapigna, who is kind of proven) when open tryouts or released players can be had for nothing.

I agree on Maher and would give him another shot, he's got the leg on distance and accuracy, he needs a steady and reliable holder on field goals and extra points.


TiCats Asst GM Shawn Burke was on TSN 1150 Radio and talked about the kicking situation and Brett Maher

I'm sure they are waiting Maher out to get him on the cheap.austin places more value on kick returner than he does on kickers.I person aly would rather have the best kicker in the CFL than the best returner

Not to go all "Dr. Seuss" on you, but ... Hortons Hears a Who.

Bravo! :thup: