who will be looked at after NFL trim rosters

I hate to say it with all the rift between the CFL and the Bills but I am a fan of both leagues. So if anybody has any idea what players might get cut by the NFL and get picked up by the CFL. By the way who will give the NFL a try. I also like the explanation of the rule that allows a player to go from the CFL to NFL. By the way who which players will be trying for an NFL spot next season. I think Campbell for EE has a good shot if elegible.

Hate to say it because he's my favorite player... but I'd be shocked if BC's Cam Wake doesn't make an NFL roster next season. He's a beast and he's gained a lot of the weight he need to gain to make the NFL.

Yeah Cam Wake would already be gone if he hadn’t signed a 2 year deal. There was that whole thing for a bit over the summer where he said he didn’t know that he could have signed for one plus an option.

Once Maurice Mann is cut from the Redskins he will most likely be picked back up by the Esks as they still own his rights. Esks also have the rights to Redskins kicker Sean Shuisam.

I don’t see anyone from the Bombers getting a shot down south, but if Hebert can stick with the Benegals, who knows ?

....seems like Hebert is a lock with the bengals....i knew there was something on the 'd' that was missing from last years Bombers...the 'hit-man'.... i would like him and Jon Ryan to return immediately...guess i'll have to keep dreamin on....

Everyone thought that Bowman from the riders would be a lock for the NFL....well to give him a little credit....he's having some issues catching the different sized ball than he's used to.

Don't think he's gonna make it down there