Who Will Be Left Standing?

Wow, what an off season!

Bye Belli, Cotton, Cheatwood, Ranek, Vaughn.......soon Mike, Hitch and who else?

Who is going to be left to play football in 2007?
There has been no trades to date, and really not many signings?

We kept hearing last year the team had to 'gel', so what happens when you have 20 new guys and a whole new coaching staff in place?

.500 ball is expected this year Marcel?

Who cares who's left as long as this team can win and be competitive in their losses.

The off-season is just a few months in. Wait till a month or so before TC before teams start filling out their rosters with TC invites. And I'd assume that Marcel has a plan of being .500 or so and in the playoffs. It's very rare that a team could go from worst in the league one season to best the next.

The Cats going .500 is better than their record in the past 5 seasons. I'll take it! (and anything else will be gravy)

Messrs. Desjardins and Taffe are building a team for 2007 and beyond. That involves some major reconstruction of a club that hasn't made the playoffs in four of the past five seasons. Keep on renovating!

3 big draft picks from last year went back to college. 3 top picks from this year. The new people will be youth.

Keep in mind that a lot of the moves this offseason are due to teams recalibrating their payrolls to meet the salary management system’s requirements. A number of players will be brought back under new deals.

I expect more action in this vein between now and the start of the free agency season in February.

As far as the Cats go, I hope that Tim Cheatwood heals successfully from his knee injury and will come back to camp. I think Anthony Collier has the edge going into camp of the current incumbents on the D-line.

Oski Wee Wee,

The Ti-Cats were .529 in 2004.

No they weren’t. The winning % is an expression of wins / games played. We won 9 of 18…

True, but nobody said anything about their winning percentage.

Their 2004 record of 9-8-1 expressed as a percentage was .528, or 19/36... number of points achieved / number of points available.
If the CFL included a percentage column in their standings, that's the number that would appear there.

As Marcel says..Money, age/serious injuries
and performance will usher in many changes.

As for which players will be gone
trust an expert's opinion, folks

rather than the guesswork
of mere mortals like ourselves.

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I don't like his speculation
on the whole damn Offensive line.

George Hudson, Pascal Cheron,
Wayne Smith and Jonta Woodard.

Come on. Hogs can play injured for years.

I'm hoping Wayne Shaw is next to be released..simply the worst safety in the cfl!
actually surprised he hasn't been released yet.

a 500 Record When Tickets Go up !!!!
There better Be Better the 500.
or next year a Lot fan will not be Back.
They already have lost a few from this past Season

new o-line
new d-line
new starting QB

if they improve those areas then they will be fine. In football everything depends on the hogs up front, your foundation start with good lineman, look at the pats in the nfl, they keep drafting lineman on both sides of the ball and always have depth, then they sign those players to contract extensions early in their careers to ensure they will be there for a long period of time.

Didn't Mr. Desjardins already tell us that Radlein would return this year, when that rumour came out that he'd been cut? Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see Radlein's name in that Spec article - perhaps because Mr. Desjardins didn't feel a need to repeat what he'd already told us months before. So... there's another one we can count on. I expect Mr. Desjardins is a man of his word. After all - he's a Ti-Cat too!

Looking at the O-Line guys we have signed now, I see the following as starters:

-Hudson, Smith, Felice, Donnelly, Woodard

With the following guys being depth, backup players:

-Hage, Cheron, Gourges

If, however, we sign our draft picks from last year (Dyakowski and Gagne-Marcoux) before training camp, I can see the following players axed immediately:

Woodard (probably making good $), Cheron (injury prone)

the area i wonder about the most for the Cats is LB's... they have had a revolving door at the position for a couple years now and just can't seem to find anyone to get it done... hope someone is looking REAL hard in the states for the right guys

Yeah, I always thought a teams percentage was expressed as a win/loss ratio in which case a tie does not affect the ratio.

Interesting bit from the NFL website: The method of determining won-lost percentage in standings changed. Tie games, previously not counted in the standings, were made equal to a half-game won and a half-game lost

So in 2002, Pittsburgh's 10-5-1 record was expressed ast .656 rather than .666 as it would have previous to the change.

I am absolutely positive that I'll still be here at the end of training camp and that's about all I know at this point.

keep richie williams
sign reggie mcneal
sign kordell stewart
make a trade for tee martin.

If I am Flick, Radelin, Shaw, Woodard, Cook, or Boreham I would be looking for another team that needs help at their appropriate positions.

They are next in line to receive their pink slip.

And somebody tell Ken Peters that it is Woodard, not Woodward as he always writes.