Who Will Be in the Grey Cup?

Montreal will almost certainly be the Eastern representative, but the West is wide open.

Who do you like?

Well, the homer in me says we’ll get another installment of the greatest Grey Cup rivalry: Montreal vs. Edmonton.

But the realist in me says it’ll be either Calgary or Saskatchewan. I haven’t quite decided yet. Regardless, I think Montreal will finally win. :lol:

I’m calling Ticats and Riders.
Hamilton’s red hot now and will be facing a terrible run D this week and a basically QBless BC lions team.
The week after providing they win they have Montreal in Montreal and would be going in with a 5 game winning streak. Montreal has some cracks in the armour and in the last outing the cats were an inch from beating the #1 overall Al’s.

The Rider’s on the other hand will likely be facing Calgary in the WF as I think Calgary can do a real good number on the Esk’s, they usually do in the battle of Alberta. After that I predict the Stamp’s will lose a very close game to the Rider’s thus featuring a Riders vs. Ticats grey cup.

Don't be so sure apoc that my Ticats won't be in it.

Ottawa and Sacemento!
Oh wait...
Hamilton and Cowtown.

Riders and Als, easy and au to ma tic

Sacemento, you mean Alaska?

A rematch from last year. A new champion.

Edmonton will not win next week, you can quote me on that. They aren't the team the Stamps are.

Sacramento, my bad. You know, the Gold Miners? Remember them?

Go Goldminers!! :lol: :lol: Them’s were the days my friends, I thought they’d never end… You know the song. :wink:

I know, I;m just messing with you :smiley:

Goldminers sounds more of a name for an Alaskan team IMHO.

Esks and Stamps are going to beat the living crap out of one another next sunday, and the winner will limp into Regina.

Hamilton vs. Saskatchewan.

the two best fan bases in the league going head to head :thup:

The esks put in a great game, I was impressed with their offensive line and their running game. Should be an interesting couple of weels.

im not 100% sure if the Esks had a great game or the Lions had a very poor game.. but I would rather the Riders face the Esks.. so Go Esks go... anyone who knows me at all knows how painful that was for me... lol

No they are much better It will be Edmonton Montreal.

in the battle of alberta next week, it all depends on what Burris shows up to play, the awesome dominating burris, or the weak just want my pay check burris. Edmonton does have a chance to win, and face off agaist Saskatchewan, who have lost to Emonton, but are on such a high, I doubt they will be easy for Edmonton to just knock over.

it should be SSK and Mon though.