Who will be in the Grey Cup 2006????????????????????

:thup: Who will be in the Grey Cup know that playoff teams are known??

My call is Toronto vs. Saskatchewan. The winner is obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

riders rule!!! :rockin:

Toronto vs Calgary

Stamps by 3.

Montreal vs BC

BC by a TD.


blue dragoon as it right. i see calgary taking out BC, and i see TO seizing the day with both williams and avery. But the bombers are coming back to true form and the als have finally come back after that lsing streak. so really anyone in the east but i see TO and Cal

BC vs. Montreal.. it'll be a one sided grey cup, BC by a landslide.

Riders & Bombers the 2 dark horses... Sure its a long shot :slight_smile:

Gotta go with my Riders... against either TO or Winnipeg

BC Vs Toronto, 2004 re-match!

I’ve told you at the very beginning of the year: Stampeders vs. Montreal.

TO vs Calgary.

Calgary by 7.

Im going wit hthird on this one montreal and calgary in the finals

That would be a great matchup

Bombers-Riders, in Winnipeg?
Wouldn't it just be safer to nuke the city?

Bombers-Riders Armstrong scores winning TD.

ha ha, freaking hilarious IMO.

well it sure wont be Edmonton :lol:

I think BC and Toronto will be in the GC game with the Lions winning by 10 points or more.

I dont think BC will get to the GC, never mind winngin it