Who will be Hamilton's Back up QB?

Do you guys have any decent QBs to do the job? I had an idea that Carter, who was just cut by Montreal, could do the job, but I haven't been to familiar with the moves the Cats have made in the off season, expect for the trade of Maas.

is their another decent QB in Hamilton that I have over looked?

Kevin Eakin.


The team also appears particularly encouraged with newcomer Richie Williams.

I think Kevin Eakin is going to be a very good quarterback someday and if we ever even considered picking up QUincy Carter I would snap

so Hamilton QBs are Maas, Eakin, and Williams?

Maas - duh. :roll:

Eakin - great prospect; looked pretty good last year; has NFLE experience; showed great leadership on the field; and a very humble, sincere, and modest gentleman as well

Williams - from what people have said, he looks good in practice. He has good stats from college as well.

Not Brady :smiley:

nmot count williams out hes bin on faire at the camps!

I Agree Hamilton QBs will be:
1 Maas, 2 Eakin, and 3 Williams

ya william has great arm and is very talented he is like a young quincy carter
that being said he might not have the

but Carter could go to the Cats to fill the 4th spot.
either that, or as Ro1313 said, he be waiting outside Frank Clair.

Hard to tell how US QB's will fare in the CFL, especially where they don't get the game reps to evolve easily.

Anyways, in answer to the thread, Maas is #1, Eaking deserves another year after what he gave us last year (lets let him get some reps both in pre-season and where we have the game in the bag during regular season)

Deciding on Williams or Beutjer is important, must let them work with the practise roster and "future" receivers, with some tutelage by current RB's and QB's in order to evolve quickly and to maximum benefit...Management certainly knows this, and I can't believe they will not folllow up on it...

Beutjer doesn’t seem to be in the picture anymore. The third spot’s between Williams and Josten, most likely.

I agree that spots 1 and 2 are locked up with Maas and Eakin the only battle at camp for a QB is who is going to be number 3 and that is between Williams and Josten and I think Williams has a lead over Josten so far.