Who will be 4-0?

Who do you think will be 4-0 after the Bomber/Eskimo game tomorrow? I will take the Bombers... Willy has been getting it done, showing that he is a legit #1 QB in this league... and I believe the Bomber D is better than the Eskimo D... game of the year so far, should be fun one to watch...

I think Edmonton d-line will give willy nightmares, IMHO I think Edmonton's D is much better than the Bombers D but I'm being a homer. But one thing we agree on it should be a great game, looking forward to it :thup:

It seems like it will be a close game that could go either way. Not sure why you think the bomber d is better. Theyve allowed 82 points through 3 games to the esks league leading 55. 8 iNTs for edm to winnipegs 1. Edm leads league in sacks as well at 13. Winnipegs offence has definitely looked better than edms so far this season. I think it will come to the esks d shutting down the bombers efficient offence. If they can hold the bombers to under 25 Reilly and the O have a chance. I dont see them winning if the game becomes a shootout just yet though, as the Esks O is a work in progress. Ill be a homer and take esks by 2.

Bombers by a bunch. If the Bombers can stop the Edm running game, Reilly included, its going to be a blow out.

Guaranteed to be LOUDEST game of the year so far. :rockin:

Not to take anything away from the Edmonton D, but the sack and INT numbers are a bit inflated because of who they've played. Glenn has dreadful when asked to pass the ball early this season, and Hamilton's QB and Oline situation is also a mess. Given the way things have played out this year the Bombers have had a bit tougher strength of schedule their first 3 games. Of the 2 teams, Winnipeg is the only team that has played a team in any of the games that has won a game, that being the nailbiter vs the the Als last week. Still, Willis and Sewell have been monsters for the Esks and I think you have to give their D a lot of credit for the 3-0 record. 3 picks, 4 sacks, and a forced fumble vs the Ticats and they eek out a 4 pt win? And it took until the 4th Q for them to finally pull away from the redblacks last week?

I like the Bombers D vs the Esks O. But based on how things have played out, I have to agree with a poster above and give the advantage on offense to the Bombers, advantage defense to the Esks and whoever wins that battle likely wins the game. Here's to hoping Grigsby can find a few holes in that D like Chevon Walker did :smiley:

Should be a good one. Atmosphere will be electric if the Bombers are winning or the game is close. Can't wait till tomorrow.

Tough one to call, but I'm cheering the boys in Blue and Gold!

Back home in Winnipeg on vacation, this will likely be the only Bomber game I can make it to this year unless they make it to the Grey Cup.


To me it comes down to the receivers. We are 3-0 in a part due to big time clutch catches by Moore/Kelly/Kohlert/JFG. Kelly did not look great last week (injured). We are going to need some more magic to win this game. Welcome back Romby!

Just like the Riders , they padded their stats against a weak offensive line vs Hamilton... 4 sacks and 3 INTS vs. Hamilton... Riders had 10 sacks vs. Hamilton, but the stats speak volumes about the Cats more than it does either the Riders or Eskimos...

Hamilton.. oh wait 4 wins :oops:

How about 4 stadium delays?

Stats aside Edmonton's D has held their opponents to fewer points and helped their offense win games. Bombers D has been able to play it a little looser because their offense has been able to out score their opponents handily.

I'm going with Edmonton because I feel they have the better D, but the game will be close and decided when Winnipeg has the ball. Edmonton will put up 20-25 points, If the Bomber O can continue at the 35 point pace they'll win the game. Looking forward to this game.

Lets see how Edm's O does with the crowd noise. First 2 games were loud and nowhere near a sell out.
This is going to jack up the defence.

Best game of the year so far and it's not on ESPN3 :cry:

A game like this is why I love the CFL,only in this league could you have the two crapola teams from last year a year later play a game to see which one remains undefeated this year.Last year combined record of 7 wins and 29 defeats,this year combined record of 6 wins and 0 loses already this season.Now to pick a winner......drumroll please........and the winners are the.......
Bombers :thup: final score.......the Peg-30...Eskies-26 :cowboy:

nope, it's on espn2

I've thought long and hard about this - and now I'm ready to express my opinion. I say Edmonton will be 4 - 0.

(And no the score 20-3 for the Esks right now has nothing to do with that prediction.......... honest.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee Pat; next you'll be predicting that the UK will win the war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands ..

I am leaning that way. :smiley: