Who will be #2 for the Riders at the Quarterback position?

Well fellas, I'm really looking forward to our first pre-season game, I'm not so much intrested at looking at Dinwiddie but Leak and even Bergquist but after its all said and done who will it be? And who will be the odd man out being released?

Oh and only 20 days to vote then the Poll ends because by then we will know !

For reason I am not sure about…I hope Leak is #2 and Cole #3. Dinwiddie"s age at 31 is really why I want him gone. He’s played few snaps and seems to be a career back-up. I’d rather have some young tigers pushing their way and I think Chris and Cole fit that bill. I know the coaches have a love affair with Dinwiddie but I’m not seeing much upside for the future by keeping him around.

I’m fine with having dinwiddie at #2. I think he is more prepared to play than the other two. Not really sure if we need young tigers coming up too fast, Durant has quite a few years left in the tank.

Yeh, but I'm pretty sure that if this isn't, then next year is his option ear. With the Als and Stamps 2 or 3 years away from needing another top notch Q.B. due to retirement, the bidding war for Durant would become interesting IMO.

i believe Dinwiddie, though I don't knoe if that is neccissarily the best decsion. w/o sitting in training camp it is hard to say what is best because we simply have not seen enough, however, dinwiddie will know the offensive package best.

Oh, and I think the real question is which QB are you going to cut?

I doubt the Riders will ever let him get to his free agency period. So I douybt there will ever be a bidding war for him. Unless there is something done to piss DD off, or he shits the bed completely, I can't see him ever wearing anything but green and white

Well Montreal has Mcpherson and Calgary has Tate and they drafted Snipoli, that being said, there wouldn’t not be intrest in Durant but I feel he has enough class to sign back with the Riders unless like Billy_Soup said we do something to anger him or he compeltley tanks this season. Which I doubt neither will happen, even with Taman at the helm we still have Ken Miller who could in most situations straighten things out. But as far as our back up goes I kinda want a better look at this Bergquist guy…

Well, personally, I've never been impressed with Dinwiddie, so were I to be making the call (and I'm not) he'd be the one released and Bergquist and Leak could fight it out for #2.

I think those who make the decision will go with Dinwiddie as they do seem to favor him...and it probably is the right decision. But I would also really like to see more of Bergquist and let him prove he belongs or doesn't belong. Holding my opinion on who "goes" until I get to see some pre-season action.

I agree. We have the money and frankly they have put so much into his development that they won't let him go. Seems like Hamilton is keying on signing ex riders. We should be trying a bit harder to get some of these guys back when they return from the NFL!

Considering DDs age, you need to dump Dimwiddie and groom one of the younger QBs.

His age??? Well depending on who is the starter in BC and TO, he is either the youngest starter, 2nd youngest or 3rd in the league.

I think that was precisely his point.

Since DD is young he has a long career in front of him. . . so 'developing' someone who is over 30 makes little sense; far better to go with someone younger who might be in a position to succeed DD way down the road. By the time DD hangs 'em up, Dinwiddie will likely have already retired.

See I look at it differently, right now we need a backup that can come in to do just that, having an untried player for those emergency situations when your #1 has a 5 - 10 year career ahead of him does not seem to be a big priority. We have already seen how difficult it is to keep promising up and coming qb's around when they realize that their chances of getting any meaniful reps in the next few years is slim. There is a reason that it is common for many teams to have back-ups that are older than their #1.

Very good point leeinq

Well based on the first pre-season game vs Edmonton as far as QB's go most impressed with Cole Bergquist, least impressed with Chris Leak and Ryan Dinwiddie was a very close second.



I'd keep Leak and probably let Dinwiddie go... mostly because I don't rly like him lol

I'm shooting for Dinwiddie.
He looked competent and would more than likely be comfortable as backup to DD for the next 5-8 years

DD is only 28 ,and I really don't care that Berqquest's little fan club thinks he's some 'heir apparent', He won't see the field here for many years,